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Tuesday 25 December 2012

[Photography] Banjarmasin Bridge

Camera: Samsung SGH E-590
Location: Jembatan Dewi (Bridge), Banjarmasin
Time: Forget!
Edit: No

Wednesday 12 December 2012

[Internet] How to Find and Define of Music Genres

Sometimes we listen new music or musician which not too familiar in the genre and we also don't know much about the artist information. We can use to find out. Its the biggest music database in the Internet.

Sunday 9 December 2012

Most Popular Urban Ghosts in Indonesia

Every countries around the world have iconic ghost that spread among the people. Ghosts are regarded as creatures that exist as unexplainable spirit which involve human fear factors. Ghost could be also as solid creatures as society described through the folklore and urban stories.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Angsana Beach; A Hidden Beautiful Beach in South Borneo

Today, we went to one of quiet and not touristy beach in South Borneo. Its called Angsana Beach which located in Tanah Bumbu region in the Angsana Village (175 kilo meter from Banjarmasin city). The beach was not too crowded due it was not so popular and the distance might take a long time to reach, its about 4-5 hours for one-way.

Sunday 25 November 2012

[Photography] Some Retro Pics of Mine

Hello, that was me ;p
I just found our family album pictures, there were many pictures of my big family history, besides there were many pictures of my childhood. So, i backed up by scanning it all into digital version, and i want to save it on Internet. Perhaps if you have retro pictures, you may share with me. Anyway, i have an idea about making a website where the users can upload their retro pictures of everything such family and places, it would be great if people can see the past by the pictures.

Tuesday 13 November 2012

How to Emulate and Play Synthesizer on PC

In digital music industry today, using vsti's (Virtual Studio Technology Instrument) became one of the reasons to make cheap *even free - electronic music. Vsti can replace physical synthesizer and another musical instruments like drum and guitar in the music making through Digital Audio Workstation softwares like Fruity Loops, Ableton, and etcetera.

Monday 12 November 2012

[Internet] Find Your Name Meaning on the Web

Everyone in this world must be have beautiful and meaningful name. No matter where they did come from, a name is like identity symbol for its nationality, ethnicity or religion. One of those aspects are dominant in somebody name. The purpose of name is vast for every parents in the world. Name contains a hope and wish in order their children has same image with the name.

Friday 9 November 2012

[Article] South Borneo Blogger Communities

In Blogging, we can follow a community to support and keep our blogging spirit, finding new friends who have same interest in the writing could be one reason to involve in the community, we can share and discuss what is popular topic to write and get some helps in customizing blog.

Wednesday 7 November 2012

[Thought] Backpacking Today

Backpacking is notable as the cheapest way in travelling, most of travellers use backpacking way to save more money and makes travelling become more free in exploring new place and meet the people. What is my opinion about backpacking? Lets discuss.

Tuesday 30 October 2012

[Project] Secondstep; My 2nd Indie Album

Its almost more 2 month i left and didn't use my midi controller in my room and did travelling for 45 days to look any inspiration for my writing ideas about travelling in Indonesia. Then i made some of tracks to start for making an album for my tunes compilation that I've made 3 months ago when i had free times.

Thursday 25 October 2012

[Photography] Banjarmasin Gate

Camera: Samsung ES11
Dimension: 1024 x 685 (Compressed)
Location: KM6, Banjarmasin
Time: Agustus 2012
Edit: No

Wednesday 24 October 2012

[Gaming] Five of The Most Favourite and Nostalgic Racing Psx Games

When we were had childhood memories with Psx in late 90s, there were many nostalgic games that perhaps we had played. Racing was the one of exciting genre to play together with friends or alone. For me, there are 5 games that I can still remember and sometimes I play on the PC emulator software. The reason is simple, that's because these games have addictive points and won't get me bored to play again.

Sunday 21 October 2012

[Movie] Cabin In The Wood; I Thought It was Fun Zombie Movie

I watched this movie one month ago in the cinema with my high-school friends in our reunion event. We had watching movie together and they asked me to choose some of movies that we could watch for entertaining. I have no idea when i choose "Cabin in the wood" for our movie, the only thing i did to get information of this movie by asking the ticket seller about its plot and genre.

Friday 12 October 2012

[Internet] Fast Recording Voice Online with Vocaroo

Do you want to leave your messages via Internet and share it to your friends? You may use Youtube to do that, but its not simple as we must create an account and then upload our file to the website. There is an alternative way to do recording online without signing up to the website, its Vocaroo; ( a place to put your voice and share it to the world.

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Five Things You Can Do in Banjarmasin City for Travelling

In travelling to South Borneo, you must be visit the capital city ; Banjarmasin from the airport or the harbour.  Rivers are interesting to explore in the city. As Banjarmasin residents, I know some of things that you can do here for travelling. Not only for vacation, you can see the cultural places and do shopping for traditional presents, here they are:

Monday 8 October 2012

Steps You Can Do after Signing up Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a free hospitality website to help travelers around the world to get hosting based on community and social-network. In this website, we can get free hosting place if we do travelling into different regions and countries by asking the request as its member. Most of beginner users may be confused what things to do after signing up in this web.

So, I am gonna recommend some steps how to participate and become "real" active member. These are based on my experience. 

1. Fill your profile completely, but don't tell about your personal living obviously, you can give yourself clear description about how is your character, your interests and your hobby, don't forget to write your views about something like travelling or hosting; what would you with your guest for example.

2. Join local groups, in each countries and region, there must be single group inside. You'll find local members that have same purpose like you. You can also help by replying messages from another members from another region that tell their plan to visit your region.

3. Let's meet up, if you know the local members, ask to join for a meet-up event, do meeting so that you know well with them each other, building network in real life is main point from Couchsurfing instead adding random people on the web.

4. Can't host, learn to accompany the guest to walk around your city. Cs not only about hosting, you can help members to give them advices and sharing for their travelling plan. If you doubt about the security, ask another local members to join together.

5. Be active, basically this web just a tool to connect people around the world through giving hospitality to know local people each other closely. You can be active by online (join the group) or real-life (meet-up), anyway, if you want to get friends fast and fun, be active then.

Sunday 7 October 2012

[Thought] Points in Making Addictive Casual Game

For casual gamers on the Internet or PC, playing games mean to be just for fun and time-wasting activity. There are many sub-genres on casual game that bring addictiveness for the gamers successfully. The characteristics of addictive casual games may revolve around in getting high-score without telling  storyline details and sometime they are repetitive such same game play with different theme, you may see games like Block-breaker and Look-and-Find and another puzzle games that always look similar.

Thursday 4 October 2012

[Business] The Advantages of using US iTunes Gift Cards

iTunes is the most paid popular websites  in the world currently besides Android Market, through the website you will find more thousands apps, games, books, tracks and videos with Apple gadgets. To get  the contents, you need iTunes Gift Cards first; its online payment that you can buy in some online webstore.

Monday 1 October 2012

[Monthly Note] Buying New Domain for My Bahasa Indonesia Blog

I just bought a new domain for my Indonesian blog recently. Using the profit of my online business (selling Banjarese tea). I took  as the name ;  you must be know the meaning of the name.

Sunday 30 September 2012

[Project] A Survey about Learning Bahasa Indonesia

As an Indonesian who have made several videos on Youtube about learning the language, i've got another idea about surveying my viewers (and one of them is you :) for their space to tell what they want in learning Bahasa Indonesia Language. So, i decide to make a short-survey to find out how they know a lot of things that related with Indonesia.

Tuesday 25 September 2012

[Photography] Told Ya!

Camera: Nokia 6063 classic
Location:  On the box
Model: Meli
Time: 09 June 2012
Edit: No No No

Friday 21 September 2012

[Movie] Scott Pilgrim Vs The World The Movie

Perhaps, this movie is described as video game in the movie, portraying all video game stuffs into a movie with typical teenagers love story with hundred over-effects. Scott Pilgrim based on comic book, if you can understand and read the comic first, you will get the points what is this movie tells about.

Thursday 20 September 2012

Me at Blogilicious Banjarmasin 2012

Me at the event
Yesterday, I've participated for one local event in IT forum. The title of event was so interesting for me; Blogging. Its called Blogilicious Banjarmasin 2012, an official event from Idblognetwork with local blogger community Blogger Banua.  There were more 100 participants in this event, besides it's supported by another Blogger communities around Indonesia. At least, there were 7 cities held this event.

Friday 14 September 2012

[File] Thank You For Watching Pictures for Youtube

When i see on the traffic resource on my Blogger dashboard, some of visitors come with particular keywords, one of them is "Thank You For Watching" for Youtube video, its because i've uploaded a screenshot of my video preview. So, i decide to make some for you. If you want to use these pics as your video template, feel free to use. Next, i am gonna make it as a tutorial.

Thursday 13 September 2012

How to Make a Simple Bookshelf from a Piece of Used Wood

Close enough
When i travelled into different places and i stayed in some cafe and rest-houses, i saw bookcases with many of books that you can take for one by exchanging your book. That's good idea for traveller who want to give their books to another travellers. So, so, rather than reading a book that may have been bored to read or making your luggage become more heavier, exchanging your book could good option.

Being inspired to do same thing, i decided to make a bookshelf (its little bookshelf) from used piece of wood, I'll use it for giving my book to people who want to do book exchange. So, it took a little bit time, tool and resource. All the things you need are:

For Tools:
- A Saw
- A Hammer
- Nails
- A Sharp Knife

For Resource
- Piece of wood 

For Time
- 30 minutes 

Basically, to make a simple book shelf you can see this pic to start make a foundation:

A piece of wood and 4 side sticks for foundation, you will need more...

And then you can build the bookshelf like this:

And this is the result, it looks fragile, so for suggestion, don't put too much heavy books inside:

The Result, you can put it beside the door.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

[Internet] How to Share Youtube Videos into Facebook

There are two easy steps to share Youtube videos into Facebook, not only sharing the video, you can also share mp3 video by using "share" feature. Just search the song and find unofficial video, at least wont make your Facebook friends get hard to buffer it.

Sunday 9 September 2012

Warnet; an Affordable Place to Connect Internet for Travelllers

To keep in touch through Internet with cheap way, using warnet is the good choice instead sitting on the cafe to get free wi-fi by buying a glass of coffee. Warnet is abbreviation from “Warung Internet”; it means “Internet CafĂ©”. Despite it depicts something that related with drinking place, warnet is totally different in the usage. People use warnet to connect internet only as their main purpose, not to drink something and then hang-out there for hours.

Saturday 8 September 2012

[Tips] How to Find Language Exchange Partner

Speaking is the most important part in language mastering. To communicate, we must speak to tell our purpose. In the language learning, speaking is one of the best ways to fasten and enrich learners’ fluency. For language learners, it's recommended to have exchange language partner to help them learn intensively.

Friday 7 September 2012

[Thought] Dont use Cellphone

Cellphone is something that modern people cant live without, so its like secondatry need for people communication nowaday. Day by day, cellphone not only as the way to call people through the voice, but its changed a lot to be a internet device too.So, are we still calling that stuff with the cellphone?

Thursday 6 September 2012

Travelling Summary Photos around Sulawesi, Bali and Java 2012

I've been travelled for 45 days to wandering around Sulawesi, Bali and Java in my fasting month vacation. Its my first time to travel around the places that far away from my home. There are many experiences i've got in visiting new place. New people, new culture, and new friends especially. And there also many stories for each places i have been visited. One week in Toraja, Get Lost in Bali, Walking around Yogyakarkat, Doing Off-road to Tangkuban Perahu spontaneously, and then had celebrated Ied Fitri on Jakarta as my final destination. Here are some photos for summary of my travelling. I can say i have been wandered from Bali to Jakarta :) 

Saturday 25 August 2012

[Photography] Sleeping Cat

Camera: Nokia C3
Location:  Kitchen, Banjarmasin
Model: Pepi - My Lovely Cat -
Time: 23 June 2010
Edit: BW only

Friday 24 August 2012

[Gaming] Finishing GTA San Andreas in 2012

One of the best sand-box video game ever is GTA San Andreas, if you are early 20s kids, this games is so memorable and addictive to play. Despites it has many controversies in the whole games like violent and profanities in the gameplay, the biggest reason why do gamers like this game is everything about roaming the world with free-will.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

[Movie] Waking Life; A Dream Documentary Movie

When you have dreams to tell and then it goes into a movie, so Waking Life is a must see movie to make it become more meaningful and philosophical. Describing the world with abstract colour of cartoon and showing plenty of thoughts from different people.

Thursday 16 August 2012

Zombie Apocalypse or Robot Apocalypse

Whenever we watch movies about zombie or robot theme-based, there is a critical situation we can interpret the world in apocalypse. A World in the end of the age where there are many human as survivors and they must defend their existence.

Lets imagine and play "what if", which one would you choose to live? Each apocalypse have advantages and disadvantages.

1. Zombie Apocalypse

Your enemy is slow and not-too smart, but it's contagious when it bites. The zombies could be your family or your close friends. And you have to leave or defeat them by killing. And this much of drama. And you need more skill to survive in getting life sources. The end of this apocalypse is you find new safe places or be one of zombies* not include if you are desperate and then kill yourself.

2. Robot

a. Its fast and genius, plus its heartless. To kill robot, you need solid weapon or you could hack them. Robot could be controlled and could be your great armoury to destroy another robots. Don't forget if the robot can create new robot. Then end of scenario is you hack all the robot successfully or  get killed. But there is an alternative ending, you can send robot into the past to fix it.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Recommended Android Basic Office Android Applications

As an simple Android smartphone user,when we buy a new android smartphone, the basic application is not enough, we may be satisfied with built-in apps like note, calendars, and calculator, but I think some users will add more :basic: apps into their devices based on their needs in using the phone.

I personally use my smartphones as companion for work and project I work on. So, maybe these applications I recommend to you can be useful if you are kind of person who work on smartphone, especially in productivity. For a note, there are many similar apps that you can choose, but remember, this is my personal taste that I always keep on my phone memory.

Monday 13 August 2012

Making Pixel Art Image with Paint Software

One of work arts that computer can produce since the old day is pixel image; its little form from digital art which an image being edited by the smallest particle form which called Pixel. Pixel images can be seen on the old-school computer and games. Though its old-fashioned, Pixel art is still used in making games today, besides it can be unique art work named Pixel Art.

Sunday 12 August 2012

[Internet] How to Face Trolling

If you have got cynical commentaries on the social-network websites that stimulate you anger and then become annoyed, that must be “trolling” activity. In the WWW, someone who do that is Troller. Trolling doesn’t have particular motivation and mostly for joking around into newbie Internet users. In some cases, trolling could be regarded as just for fun activity without intending obvious purpose. 

Thursday 9 August 2012

[Article] Reasons Why Do People Listen Radio?

Internet is one of affordable media for most people, but its existence perhaps couldn't defeat Television and Radio as two main important as main media though Internet has both function, but people still prefer to use these conventional device.

Wednesday 8 August 2012

[Tips] How to Learn a New language for Beginners

Hello, this is Qori, today, I wont talk about learning Bahasa Indonesia, but  I am going to share my thought about learning language. To learn a language, I think you can consider and ask yourself what would you do with your new language? Is it really important to your life? And should I use this language in my life? So, lets discuss.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

[Thought] Reasons Why We Need Vacation?

Every single time of our live has been spent on working and learning, if someone don’t want to get job, they must be don’t need to learn on the school for getting better condition . However, every people don’t want to be jobless and they must look for jobs in case some of them work in the good place and the rest work in the bad condition no matter whether are they really like the job or not.

Monday 6 August 2012

One Week in Toraja Land with Laurie and Bruce

In the mid of July, last month. I've been travelled into Toraja Land, in the South Sulawesi. Due I had college vacation time and invitation from Laurie and Bruce*a couple traveller from America. I have decided to postpone my long travelling into Java Island and i made my mind to try Toraja Land first.

Thursday 2 August 2012

[Blog] How to Make Recent Post and Comment Widget with Blogger Feed

There are many tutorials about embedding recent posts and comments in the blogspot platform, most of tutors give their script in the widget. This is actually something bloggers don't realize when embed a widget, their blog would become more slowly to access due the script. And sometimes the script doesn't work well.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

[Photography] Reciting Qur'an - Tadarrus

Camera: Nokia C3
Location: My Uncle House
Model: My Uncle and little bro.
Time: 19 Agustus 2010 22.09
Edit: No!

Tuesday 24 July 2012

[Gaming] 5 Most Memorable NES Games

In the 80-90s era, kids play video game with Nes (Nintendo Entertainment System), No wonder if I was one of them. I had a console, and I want to remind what were the most memorable nes games. I want to make it six games. The games are related with my personal opinion, result may vary.

Saturday 21 July 2012

[Movie] Detroit Metal City; Japanese Comedy Death Metal

I have recently watched another hilarious Japanese movie entitled Detroit Metal City. Don't get fooled by the title, though its related with hard-music (Death Metal) band, there are funny scenes we would watch about a nerdy-man (Soichi) that chases his dream from his village to be a success indie-pop musician in Tokyo, but ironically then he became a notable leader of death metal music among Japanese music scenes, and there is a fact that he don't want to be like that, but he has another alter ego; Sir Krauserr 2 from hell.

Monday 16 July 2012

Five Countries I want to visit

Five countries I want to visit For traveller, backpackers or whatever who have big dreams must be imagine several countries they want to visit. If I have a chance especially a lot of money and times, these countries are my choice to see.

Friday 13 July 2012

How to Listen Online Radio with Aimp2

Previously I would introduce a software audio player that related with this post; AIMP2. An audio player software that is light and highly efficient way to play audio files than similar software such as Winamp which a little bit heavier. I recommend this software for music lovers on your computer if you want to hear the real audio file quality.

How to Index Files Fast and Convert it into a Text

Do you feel hard to write all your files one-by-one? Just use and execute this simple .bat script file, its automatically would index your files into a text with .txt extension so that you can copy into a document.

Thursday 12 July 2012

[Internet] Free Audio files and vsts in Fl Studio Music

If you start to learn how to make a digital music with Fruitly Loops Studio software, this website is for you. If you feel stucked with FL native vstis and sound packs, you can add more your libraries by downloading all the files for free.

Monday 9 July 2012

Five Things You Should Know about Weather in Indonesia

Travelling into Indonesia could be easy and hard in the same time. Weather is one of the reasons in the travelling that we must notice. Despite Indonesia have two seasons, you must know a little bit about Indonesia weather condition, here they are that I get everyday.

1. Rainy season (Musim Hujan) comes from September to April. Rain doesn't occurs everyday, and the frequency can be predicted, rain usually happens less than 3-6 hours only.
2. Dry season (Musim Kemarau) comes from May to September, Rain sometimes occurs rarely, the frequency of raining perhaps 3 times in a month.
3. Nowadays, sometimes in the dry season, rain falls occasionally, but it does not take for a long time.
4. If the hot temperature feels hotter than usual, then usually rain will fall down.
5. In the rainy seasons, flood something happens in  the most of cities which the water come from the highland.

And then If you have a question about the weather, you may see in the Indonesian forecaster websites.

Sunday 8 July 2012

[Tips] How to be Fit during Fasting Month

For Moslem, In Ramadhan month, fasting is obligation to do for 30 days. For some people, fasting seems very difficult to run, we can't eat and drink in the whole day. Not only like that, we mustn't hold our act to do something wrong in our deeds and speak.

Saturday 7 July 2012

[Thought] Internet Meme; How long this Trend will be End?

If you dont know Internet meme is; you must be new here, and it seems legit. Seriously, people that use internet know a lot of many funny pictures and short simple comic which called  Meme. Not only picture, texts, quotes and videos are also part of Internet meme.