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Friday, 8 June 2018

I am Married Now

Marriage is important thing in life, "even fools want to get married" said my father. And I didnt really want it but realizing I hit mid 20s. Marriage becomes something I have to get in order to keep reality check because as productive member of society. Marriage is essential stuff that need to be done for people who are sane enough to be more responsible having a family. 

So, I just get married with a girl I knew for one year through introduction of my family, we had engaged too and ran this kind of relationship that made us into husband and wife in the end. We live happily ever after. End of story. Nope. 

Life goes on and I enter this new realm of stepping in one of life phase where mature-hood just get started and probably parent-hood what will I become to. Luckily my life state is on stable with decent earning and more stuff that I plan to get someday like having my own house. But family is not only staying on the house all the time. How about my plan "traveling round the world" and other impossible stuff to achieve. Some people said that marriage hinder someone dream to achieve, I guess it could be right because we need to put our attention to the closest one, the physical one. 

And also, marriage is about keeping love intact forever for couple. A concept where a less responsible boy becomes a responsible man, you know what I mean. I should learn how to love, what is love? Baby dont hurt me! No More!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

(Not) So New Year Update

It almost two months since I don't post anything here on my blog.  I usually left a year resolution,  but realizing that I don't really follow along the thing I write. So I skipped that part this year.  There are many things that I want to note here,  some important one regarding about my personal life,  this blog direction (again) and also how I suppose make blogging hobby to be more fun.

To be honest,  my English skill is still mediocre and average because I feel that writing complex sentence with particular and precise grammar is not something I am good at.  So I always being stuck how I have to write properly. Seeing my post years back,  it makes me realized how suck I was in writing with good grammar.  But who cares, it's not like this blog is visited by someone. I want to put random thing here,  something I like to write and share my thought. 

So,  back to the things I want to note.  I am very grateful for my life right now because it's better.  I finally own my own store which is cake store and work as pastry in family business, something that I haven't decided to focus but in the end I follow along because this work can provide better earning and have promising career if I take more seriously,  so I finally decided to run on my own while I type this post waiting for Costumer in my store. 

Bakery was not my career choice because I prefer to work in tech or something related,  but no matter what universe decide,  it's find the way and also changing the life direction can lead into different fate I guess. But I don't want to leave my interest in tech especially in digital music production,  so I keep trying to find perfect time to keep me productive but realizing my time are spent in work and video game.  I need more to be precise how I can focus in many interest I want to put on.

So,  recently YouTube stopped its content creator program for channel who have less than one thousand subscribers and lack of views than they demanded. And my channel is one of them,  my videos aren't updated anymore and also I am not that good for begging subscribers to keep watching and streaming my music. 

After earning a couple of bucks that is impossible to live relying on YouTube Ads, I just let go my channel and decide to hide my most watched videos,  it's language project for college that I don't have interest to continue,  instead I put all music there because I narrow it as my personal music portfolio. So bye bye YouTube for money.

Speaking of money, besides getting decent earning from work.  I decided to start in investing. The word of investing always makes me roll my eye because it always sounds more shady and something that con people use. But hey,  I was wrong and I look into the good side of investing.  So I start to put my money for something that can productive than more spending by buying Steam Library games and adding more junks in my bedroom.

So,  there are things I want to focus,  my work,  my hobby, my productivity.  I guess I can start on my blog first.