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Thursday 30 May 2013

[Project] South Audio Workstation Society Vol I is Released

As I stated several weeks ago, finally we made it. We just released a compilation music album named 'South Borneo Audio Workstation Society Vol I' The title is related to our group on Facebook, its a little community for learning digital music and people who have interest in audio-workstation softwares.

Saturday 25 May 2013

[Photography] Christy at Fatiha Garden, Martapura

Camera: Canon Powershot D10Dimensi: 3000 x 4000
Locationi: Fatihah Park, Martapura,
Time: 11 May 2012 03.53 PM
Model: Christy

Tuesday 21 May 2013

[Movie] Act of Killing; A Documentary about Communist Slaughter

Indonesia had side untold story about communist participants killing in 60s, and if you talk about commie here, people will relate yourself as an atheist who want to revolt this country as communist country. I watched this movie recently and here is my view about the movie, anyway.. I am not commie at all :)

Tuesday 14 May 2013

[File] Fiction Literatures in 21th Slideshow

I got part of Introduction of Literature on my class, fortunately it's modern writing, so I might make a slide about a summary of popular literatures and its writers. In this post, i uploaded my work, so you can use it for your lecture.

Thursday 9 May 2013

[Gaming] 5 The Most of Memorable Old Video Game Background Music

Every single games that we ever played might left many memories in the gameplay, storyline and even the music theme. Some old-school games had awesome music themes that aren't unforgettable till now. Hence, in this post, here five tunes as memorable video games music for me.

1. Balamb Garden Theme - Final Fantasy 8 (Psx)

It brings back my memories in the end of 90s when I saw the game as the best graphic video game ever that day which also regarded as the one of greatest rpg games in Psx. Balamb Garden is one of major place in the game, the musical theme when you visit the place was so memorable, I can't describe another word for this. So listen this tune in the sunny day on your room repeat. Its relaxful and profit!

2. Top Gear Track 1 Themes (SNES)

Whenever you play in the first stage of this racing games. The tune was poisonous that would inject your brain to memorise the tune. For me, this is unforgettable one. I remember when I was kid, I have seen  some kids play this game in the mid of 90s. The tune was some up-beat and made your 16bit adrenaline high.

3. Sonic 1 Stage theme (Genesis)

Playing the first Sonic game on genesis console ten years ago left one tune that still stuck on my head. Its first stage theme which remind me on sunny day in the genesis rental place on my neigh boor, there wasn't save game, so every kid had played the game might be remember the tune like me in repeating first stage.

4. Contra First Stage theme (Nes)

Contra is the most difficult shooter game ever on the Nes era, but kids still play it, the first stage theme is also hard to forget. I remember that they were always stuck in the same stage but never get bored to repeat over and over again.

5. What is yours?

I think there are some video music themes that you may remember, you can share yours here. Anyway, I still play all those games for fun only, except for Final Fantasy, ain't no time for dat!

Sunday 5 May 2013

[Exp] Let’s Play Games together with us with LANtasari Gamers Group

Hey guys, do you want to have fun together without spending your precious money? If you like gaming, then you may join with us in LANtasari gamers. It’s just for fun group we made for gaming together in 2010 B classes. It’s a place to play together by using Local Area Network (LAN) feature by using your laptop.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

[Monthly Note] Going to Release South Borneo Electronic Music Album Vol 1

Recently, i re-invite my online musician friends in a group for sharing and doing a project. One of them is making music compilation and we will release it over the Internet for free.