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Friday 13 July 2012

How to Listen Online Radio with Aimp2

Previously I would introduce a software audio player that related with this post; AIMP2. An audio player software that is light and highly efficient way to play audio files than similar software such as Winamp which a little bit heavier. I recommend this software for music lovers on your computer if you want to hear the real audio file quality.

"Fast loading , quick search features, and more efficient in cpu usage are my excuses for using the AIMP, besides AIMP can to play streaming audio, or simply the term" online radio "


Let us begin our tutorial about how to listen to the radio through the AIMP software, all you need to do:

1.Internet connection (obviously) with speed average approximately 230 kbps and above.
2.AIMP, Download the installer here, it  just under 10 mb.
3.Follow the steps below

"Once the software was installed AIMP AIMP run, and make sure your internet connection is connected!"

AIMP-In navigation menu, click "Online Radio Browser"


-At the menu: Online Radio, choose your radio connection type "Shoutcast" or "Icecast", choose one. And then click "Refresh"


-Wait for database processing, not in a long time, you'll see radio station list, there are many  genres of radio station, choose which one that you would like to listen.


- There are many radio station genres; music, talkshow and international radio.


- Click "Play selected" if you want to play it.


Have a nice try !