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Monday 16 July 2012

Five Countries I want to visit

Five countries I want to visit For traveller, backpackers or whatever who have big dreams must be imagine several countries they want to visit. If I have a chance especially a lot of money and times, these countries are my choice to see.

1. Britain, UK

In British, language and popular culture one of the reasons. Drinking couple of tea and wandering around the city to see historical places and discoveries in the end of 21 century. Something that I would learn, how to speak British accent.

2.New York and California, USA

The most busiest city in the world. Different races and different background, the high building, urban living. Nuff said. That's east coast. And the another one is California, the opposite, west coast.

3. North and South Korea

The most funniest and though country in the world. Seeing the people who live under communism propaganda, I think its enough to be my reason. And South Korea, what can I say... its easy to reach.

4. Palestine featuring Israel

One thing I always be curious, what's something really happen there. 3 religion places that never end to be struggled. Much suspense exist there.

5. Mecca

 Going pilgrimage as Muslim, its obligation. I am sure that I will be there. No doubt.