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Thursday 5 July 2012

[Exp] Qoreader in 21 years old

Tomorrow is my birthday, now i am 21 years old, what would i expect? Many things, a lot of expectations but i do not to put it in my priorities, i want to make a flashback what i have done when i was 20 years old. Most of them were something i haven't finished yet, but i am still really want to continue what i have started, here they were:

- I made a blog; yes, i am still on the blogging, i have six blogs, despites i rarely updated it all, but i dont lost my passion in blogging, i think blogging is my alternative way to spend my time on the internet by sharing what i know and what i want to say.

- I made my tunes as an album: If i say a musician, maybe i am one of awkward musician, music is something i really enjoy and i want to make music too. I have learnt a lot of music genres, but it still related with electronic *not shitty and instant mainstream eletronic music. I realize that my skill is under average, i just bought three musical instrument, but i rarely practiced with the stuffs. When i say an electronic music, so it's related with the computer, yes, i am still learning how to make digital music (if electronic music has an alternative name) , as i said, today, there are many shitty electro music, but i dont take my interest to listen those, so i listenn under-rated electronic musician tunes. What a hipster.... :)

- I made videos; You can see my youtbe channel, at least i reach for more 50 videos, i record, edit and upload it all by myself*you dont say!? , I am still stuck on making Indonesian video learning series, but its satisfying than do nothing.

- I travelled: I travelled, at least when i was in my freetimes, the farthes place i have visited is Meratus Mountain, several months ago with Emily, and last month, i have travelled with Christy on my own city, i just found something that the point of travelling is you can enjoy your times. What a cliche and hipster!

- I learned: Many things; mostly were thought and religions, i learn atheism and agnostism. And i also learn cultures and histories, and i dont forget to learn philosophy, What about religion... i think i must apply what i have learnt about own my religion. My motivation is simple, as long as i have a brain, i would learn about understanding the meaning of live and what people mean with their live.

- In relationship: I am fine with my family and friends, but i am single. Sometimes people ask me why don't i have a girlfriend? Its simple, because i am post-forever alone.

- In achievment: Too many things i have reached, but just like a human, we always dont feel satisfied with our living and condition, always want better things.

Overall: I really enjoy my life, and i am still learning about it. This is my new tune: