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Saturday 7 July 2012

[Thought] Internet Meme; How long this Trend will be End?

If you dont know Internet meme is; you must be new here, and it seems legit. Seriously, people that use internet know a lot of many funny pictures and short simple comic which called  Meme. Not only picture, texts, quotes and videos are also part of Internet meme. 

Internet meme is being of alternative way for people to express what happen their live everyday, sometimes it looks cynical, critical with sense of humour. The development Meme has started maybe  from ASCII text and emoticons in the first time, but now its more fast growing and developing since there are many websites has been created for internet meme.

A netter can create their own meme, and the others would decide the creation which could be approved or rejected. And the another way of meme immersion not only designed by someone, but its could be massive attention from the people who get attention from various subjects like television shows, gaming, and world news. 

Rage comic; one of popular internet meme.
Nowaday, Internet become a trend for netters, its puny but funny, its irony but its reality. How long woud netters make a meme? No one would know, in the real world, people never run-out of ideas, they always create and find anything to be express themselves.