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Monday, 25 December 2017

Review : Paladins After 500 Hours Grinding

So, I invest my most of time playing this FPS game that approximately spending 500 hours of grinding and also spent much money for cosmetics such skin for 50$ and more. Nothing to regret playing "free to play" beta game with eye candy characters and also interesting mechanic to train my reflex for fast paced shooters where I enjoy the game mostly for casual play. 

And here I am, after spending 500 hours and grinding each characters for leveling each characters to reach 10 level, I think I am kind of done playing online game like this all this year and back to my productive sessions or playing some good-narrative video games and leave some review on Steam, maybe I just play less than three matches and done. 

In each session, i was rage for stupid team-mates who dont know their role and it also gives ego-fest for each players who think playing team based games just go random jihad and blindly attack enemy. 

I was so satisfied with intense and competitive session where everyone take things seriously and ended have "good game" pops up on chat section where even though we are losing, players just get satisfied to get balance and intense battle. Sometimes, i face most dumbos enemy that are too easy to beat and lag is the only factors to decide are you going to win or not instantly. 

I think this is the game where I was so doubt that free to play strategy wont attract players spending their wallet for cosmetics, guess I was so wrong.. the way game is marketed so appealing and most of the cosmetics for each characters dont have that "buyer remorse" to have. I bought the founder pack for unlocking each characters and also VIP membership where I think its because I fully support the developer to make this game is going full potential because its still on development. 

The only thing I expect from this game is single player mode with lore and things to do for specific mission against bots, not only pushing payloads or 5v5 random battle for grinding and unlocking loot boxes to improve characters ability.

Paladins is kind of game where you have to be ready to understand what if FPS is mixed with moba skills where each characters should have be mastered to gain satisfying gameplay, and also it has competitor with high price tag while this game is free but if you like it, you wont mind to buy for full price.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

What I Wanted and What I am Now

Every kids have their own aspirations for something what they want to be when they grow up. I am the one who also want to be something I want to be. When I was in elementary school, my grade for IPA or Science Knowledge was satisfyingly good enough that made me want to be scientist or veterinarian because I like learning creatures and see how I can save animal life.

I changed my aspiration for my last year on elementary school to be an Islamic religion teacher or Ustadz, I was not so sure why I wrote it on the aspiration field in our senior year book, but the situation where I took and attended boarding school after graduation perhaps made me to fill it.

I was so innocence and naive about seeing the world works, in my boarding school where I spent 7 years being focused to study religious texts and being in ascetic way for junior years made me forget what I wanted to be since there were no area to learn on such boarding school. There is nothing to regret though for me deciding to take the path. There are many things that affected my life and way of thinking eventhough its so limited world.

Fast forward to my college days, I took English for Education as my major. I didnt know single idea how I will end up where I realized that this major was for people who want to teach English. I wasnt not interested in teaching instead I was excited to learn English because it opens my curiosity for the world I have never accessed.

And boom, 5 years passed and I graduated. My interest are eexpanding, I took many interests in learning any fields and I dont take the job as teacher because I think I dont have the competency on that field and its not something I dont want to be stuck on that. Its noble profession, but here... what I wanted to be and what I am now.

I took different path and still curious to learn everything I want to learn.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Review : Bioshock 1 - Objectivism Philosophy on Video Game

Oh boy... What can I say about writing this awesome game after finishing it for approximately 15 hours of having exciting and thrilling adventure in a city below the sea called Rapture. The gloomy atmosphere 60s retro vibe with stunning 3D graphic, philosophical based of Ayn Rand take on Objectivism ideas, and simple and yet challenging game play FPS mechanic involving arms with guns and body genetic modification where you can throw fire, ice, wind, and other things with your bare hands defeating various kind of deformed human. Bioshock 1 is where you can bring philosophical ideas into video games with perfect game play mechanic. And this is what I want to say for the first of paragraph of my review.


Its 1950, You are an average John who flights across the ocean where suddenly your flight got crashed and you are survivor in the middle of ocean where there is only a lighthouse that leads you into a beautiful city under the sea that is apparently all of the residents are corrupted by advanced genetic body modification and also aftermath of idealistic city built by Andrew Ryan. The man who thinks that the world don't need limitations in science advancement, art works, and also established government system. 

In other word, he is the one you will face and fight alongside mysteries that you have to unravel the glory days and the downfall of Rapture by finding some audio records left with help from survivor called Atlas where you communicate using radio wave to find your escape from savage modified human like residents turned into addicts for your ADAM, your genetic substance where there are two iconic ADAM Hunter like Big Daddies and Little Sister that you can fight for your own benefit by using weapons to find or using PLASMIDS that simply makes you powerful to control any substance like fire burst, electro charge, and many more to make you stronger after beating Big Daddies and later you have to choose whether to kill little sister by harvesting her ADAM, or save her where those choices it will affects your ending and also your moral compass.


Bioshock 1 is first-person shooters where basically you can play using keyboards with mouse and also game-pad. It has smooth movement for character movement and easy to use weapon and ability function that has less rpg mechanic and depend of looting system where you can get some money, first aid, some proper ammo to battle specific enemies by killing enemies or find those hidden on various object you can find alongside the location where you can rely on the arrow cursor to guide you. It seems easy to play, but in some encounter you have to consider and make strategy to prepare enemy attacks because every bullets counts and using your special ability what makes this game more fun, such throwing stuffs, make flammable floor or doing hack for machine that against you such as CCTV and turret guns.


The game came in 2008 and it revolutionised and introduced the new graphic of what Unreal Engine is capable of. Even though Bioshock 1 has limited area to explore, the vibe of being under the sea with astonishing landscape of Rapture city through the window makes this games has its own identity where beautifully background location setting with thrilling sense of claustrophobia. Some objects through the location such paintings, ads, and radio can be the hint and to reveal the plot line in case you miss and perfectly crafted to support your progress to understand what does it like being in Rapture city.

The music and sounds effect represents of vintage feel and fits with the theme properly. The voice acting that you can hear through records and radio is top-notch and makes story more believable with key characters to give you guidance and knowledge with the setting.


For a FPS fan genre, Bioshock is not average shooter that relies on the machine gun only, but it requires to use your strategy how you can use ability and makes advantage of objects such as shooting gasoline leaks with fire or electrocute water floor to make enemies more vulnerable. There are also bunch of abilities to explore to progress the game to make it easier.

Bioshock has looting elements which means you can take money and particular items from enemy you kill where later you can spend on it to buy health, eve (for using ability), bullets and explosives.
Storyline wise, Bioshock 1 has more mature theme with its own objectivism philosophy without shoving theories and the game gives you the foundation and description on how Objectivism work, if you never touch the subject before. Its like the introduction to you and the aftermath if you finish the game and like the concept. You may be interested to read Atlas Shrugged and The Fountain Head just like I do.

Now, would you kindly do the same?

Rating 9/10 would kindly recommended.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Instrumental Hiphop Beat Tech Related : System Not Found - Initializing Darknet

Perhaps, creating instrumental hiphop beat is something I am good at to understand the concept of 95 beat per-minute tempo with experimenting to create sounds template for hours such bassline and arpegiated leads that leads me to create specific project aside of Qoreader called SystemNotFound moniker.

SystemNotFound is basically my online game ID where I spend hours playing games mostly online, and also the name has been created when I had terrible experience with my laptop where I lost my music projects that I saved from 2010 to 2015 due my harddisk wouldn't boot up while "system is not found" appeared on the screen. It gave me a lesson. Thankfully enough, the music I created has been compiled into physical album and uploaded into cloud storage. But, the project are lost except I re-create the same sound and exact composition which at the time, i dont know much time about music theory. Maybe someday... gonna re-work those awful tracks 

Right now, I'd like to post my project which I have been started one year ago that I dont post on my personal Youtube. There are twenty beats already I had created and I manage to make into 100 beats for SystemNotFound goals and then I release as the one album.

For the first track, I named as Initializing Darknet. SnF (lets make it shorter) has closely tech and internet themed because as the sound I use mostly use virtual electronic synthesizer instrument which sounds more electronic than organic.

As initializing darknet start, welcome to SnF journey. I am gonna post more tracks with each commentary soon.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Partying in Couchsurfing Indonesia Festival 2017 on Yogyakarta

There are only two real life of communities that I am really interested right now, one is where you can play augmented reality game that involves many players abroad and have monthly events competition, its called Ingress where I attended big event months ago in Surabaya. The other one is where I can connect life learners who travel and being hosted or surfed in the biggest hospitality exchange called Couchsurfing which I am rarely active to participate in real life aside  geting in touch with other members on chat room app.

This months I decided to spend my monthly salary to participate three days of Indonesia Couchsurfing members which was held in Yogyakarta. I was interested the concept and some events that cater the participants to choose for the second day such as Temple Hunting, Instagenix, and Gallery Hopping where I took to join. The event itself was organized from local Couchsurfing members as voluntary activity to gather around 150 travelers across SEA and international as well that were currently being in Yogyakarta at the time. To participate, there were little bit cost to pay for accommodation where participants to stay for two nights.

So, I took direct flight and arrived early one day before the event started. Luckily enough, I met some Indonesian members who come from Jakarta and Bandung where later we decide to spend half day to visit one of most public spot that I have been there before but gladly ti really enjoy this travel as part of vacation and also connecting link to new travelers. 

> Nemenin ibu ibu rombongan

The first day event for opening the festival was actually get started at night where we might to rest in a public room before with another members who just came by and signed up the registration. I feel honored when DJ (actually his name is Djamaluddin), one of event comittee told me that I can give a speech about Couchsurfing on the opening of event representing Indonesia or Borneo participants.

So I took my gut to speech in front of public anxiously talking about what is the "difference" (the topic that came out) and how relates in Couchsurfing. The opening might sounds like this "Imagine that we are colored pen, there is not only white and black, there are bunch of color. A canvas where we live right now and we as the colored pen must decide to create something on canvas. It could be chaotic drawing or simply can be beautiful piece of art." 

This is me speakin

This is the audience

My speech that I had said actually was sudden idea but relates what I want to do for the second day of event, its called Gallery hopping that would be attended with some of participants that has similar interest like me. After giving speech, participants are showed some Pencak Silat acts and also a movie screening which ends around 10.00 pm. 

Later in the morning, I contacted gallery hopping what I was supposed to do with approximately other ten participants how to drive around the city visiting some art painting museum. First was Affandi museum, a legendary painting that scared out shit of me back in elementary school when I found a book with spooky and creepy painting. Later I found out that Affandi is experimentalist painter (a term I created my own), so we spent some times enjoying all of his paintings in his museum. After visiting the museum, I lost some interest to get focused enjoying painting on another museum instead I took some picture of participants and wander around till its finished in the afternoon where we gathered in a cafe, the rest museum I remember were about Indonesian politic painting situation and absurdism gallery about mundane things, too bad I got exhausted so I cant focus to notice.

Hello Mr Affandi

Bunch of hipster group
On the second day, we had a little competition called "Relung Yogya" which was not actual race, but the participants that were randomly selected must find some clues about some "interesting" parts of Yogyakarta and must take a picture and later presented tonight in the partying event. So, together with new participants we took a stroll on the spot where the comitee had referred. One of couchsurfing member who comes from Australia named Jason suggested us to make something different in taking a bit of photograph concept where later leads us into winning the competition. 

Actually... there are more.. but this is okay.

After Relung Yogya event was finished around the afternoon, we move away into a beach where we were going to spend the night there and also.... THE PARTYYYYYYY! Its not regular party with electronic music, but with dangdut music. After arriving, before the sun went down and event get started... I took a stroll across the beach, being in my own world, listening an spcae ambient album with sound waves as the natural background, looking back to my life, what I have been going through, what was future would look like. That was sure hell of comfy.

Back to the party event, at first I act just like on normal mode being not interested to engage instead talking with new friends and relaxing to watch another members presenting "Relung Yogya" pictures they got. Apparently and suddenly, when the dangdut get started... my mood turned change into chaotic and uncontrollable mode where I dance to the song [I am chuckling right now] and being hysterically enthusiast and later I wander around talking more with people. There was little contest where participants must wear sarong both male and female, DJ asked me to choose who was going to win the contest for female participants. There was a girl I must chose to be the winner, and it went to Aiko, to the Japanese girl who appears there. When the MC asked why I chose her, i said hysterically "I like Anime!" Haha... and I bowed to her, I had little bit conversation with her on the loudest music background where I talk random shit like drunken people even though I was not event drunk, just being hysterical and cringy at the same time, and Aiko was like... wass this guy mentally retarded look?  

A weird background with people do dangdut behind.
DJ, Achu, Aiko, and a new friend who likes anime too
So, the dangdut was over in the midnight and some participants turned on some electronic music with drunk influence, I was exhausted and couldnt sleep. Tomorrow, the event just finished and participants got back to the city and some of them went back to their home town or simply continue their journey while I had to back working back to the kitchen and continue my cake selling and must pay my debt for the rest of PC build i owed from my dad. Before we left, we took a picture that I want to put here: 

A big fam!
I am so relieved to join this event and being part of Community where in the local, there were no members that eager to continue making events because years back ago. I like creating meet-up events and interesting activities around Banjarmasin city. So, after this events... I have to spread the great idea of being on hospitality exchange. 

P.s : A book prize where we won the competition for Relung Yogya