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Sunday, 25 September 2016

[Lets Play] League of Legends #3 Play as Garen (Nostalgia, Tips and Must Try Social Media Sites)

I have love-hate relationship towards social media. I left social networking several years ago and re-use it again for particular purposes and this video summarizes my thought on social media and my history using it since 2008 (my senior highschool year). Nowadays, I use many social media based on my Interest, as you can see my social media links on my blog. I want to

Sunday, 4 September 2016

[Lets Play] League of Legends #2 Play as Ashe (How to Play and Basic Tutorial)

Playing Lol sometimes takes more effort eventhough its pretty easy to beat as long as you understand the concept of basic RPG but in short battle time. This newest video will give you insight how to play and understand League of Legends in Bahasa Indonesia. I’d like to put in my English blog as remainder of my playing progress. I use basic character named Ashe that is one of my thing and I like her skills in markmanship where you basically can play safe.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

[Monthly Note] Things I Want to Buy

Since working as cashier in the cake business of my father store, I earn a steady income that is approximately same salary as I worked a field sales. The difference is only in the payment system which I get paid for working half day with shorter working hours but still draining a lot of my energy. My saving income that is 80% of them had reached around $300 which somehow until now I never pass my savings over $ 500. Anyway, I want to re-update things I want to buy from my average income in my current 25's something this year. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

[Lets Play] League of Legends #1 Play as Velkoz (No Commentary)

League of Legends is one of my favourite game I ever played and still I binge-playing this competitive games who have similar appeal like Dota 2 that is I am currently learning. In this first Lets Play series, I’d like to try out my attempt to record my playing with using my favourite character. Its agains Bot and somehow I dont know when I’ll start playing against human.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

[Monthly Note] 7 Phase of My Life

This is not the monthly headline or article that talks about science or motivation to live and so on. But as a reminder for myself that the number of 7 is very influential in this phase of my life. I do not believe in mythical bullshit that number brings some lucks, but if I think of it, I live very close to the number OF 7, in particular in my phase of life.