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First: Firstronica (2012)

 is debut album release from Qoreader project in March, 2012. All tracks in Firstronica is results of experimental project in starting of learning digital audio software. Some tracks are so simple but varied in exploring electronic music genre.



Second: Secondstep (2012)

The representation of Qori travelling around half of Indonesia during working all the tracks, Secondstep is the second step in improving his skill in exploring variation and selection of sound samples. Released in late 2012, the album Secondstep is one part of a trilogy.

Third: Theird (2013)

Theird arguably have a clear direction in Qoreder further project music and it will have a concept in the next piece of music works. Theird released in March, 2013. In the process, Theird is mature concept of each track being produced and also this is the last trilogy in learning basic digital audio software.


South Borneo Audio Workstation Society Vol I (Compilation) (2013)

South Borneo Audio Workstation Society (SBAWS) is a collective netlabel that Qori founded to facilitate the Electronic music producer from South Kalimantan. SBAWS Vol I is a compilation that was released a few months after Theird. This compilation consists of six producer of electronic music from various genres that participate their soundwork. Qoreader put his instrumental hip-hop track which instrumental hip-hop is his most preference audio works.


The Lost Sounds (2013)

If Qoreader make 8bit games and require a title and soundtrack, the EP The Lost Sounds is the answer. Released in mid-2006, The Lost Sounds is a representation of his present ambition and past imagination  in chiptune music because the  music is undirectly being part of his childhood.

Download :

Homecoming (2013)

Making instrumental hiphop with the theme of travel and get influences of musical genre such as ambient, chill-hop and glitch is the core of the EP "Homecoming", Qoreader last release in the end of 2013 after going to his father's village in Madura.

 Download :

Seventhouses (2014)

Seventhouses is seventh Qoreader music project release album that gives electronic music dance such Techno music as his root and dark ambient as influence. It took six months to finish the project begin in Januari to June 2014. The theme in Seventhouses is basically taken from what Qore sees on electronic music culture based on his region

Download :

Act I (2015) as Technoaction 
Act I is simple loops background music album which is used in Qoreader's Blogger tutorial project on Youtube. This is his first effort to focus only in composing electronic background music only.
Last Checked : Tuesday, 11 June 2015

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