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Thursday, 30 May 2013

[Project] South Audio Workstation Society Vol I is Released

As I stated several weeks ago, finally we made it. We just released a compilation music album named 'South Borneo Audio Workstation Society Vol I' The title is related to our group on Facebook, its a little community for learning digital music and people who have interest in audio-workstation softwares.

There are 6 participants*include me who submitted already their music works and each artists has particular sound for their own. Here is the tracklist and album's info.

.----[ RELEASE iNFO ]--------------------------------------------------------.
| Artist.........: V.A                                                  
| Title..........: South Borneo Audio Workstation Society Vol. I            
| Year...........: 2013                                                     
| Genre..........: Electronica                                              
| Size...........: 57 MB                                                    
| Tracks.........: 6                                                        
| Length.........: 26 min                                                
| Source.........: WEB                                                      
| Encoder........: MP3                                                      
| Quality........: 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo                       
| Release Date...: 23/05/2013                                               

.----[ TRACKLiST iNFO ]------------------------------------------------------.
| #    Track Title                                                      Time |
| 01.  Gungbaster - Bring of The Time                                  04:16 |
| 02.  Zos - Baluncat Bahimat                                       03:22 |
| 03.  Batu_berguling - Lost Cosmonauts                                03:16 |
| 04.  Qoreader - A Place Called Emptiness                             02:51 |
| 05.  xXVenomazoidXx - Infamous!                                      04:19 |       
| 06.  Catfish Hero - (B.O.M) Bit On Monday                   08:10 |

You can stream it here:

And download for free here:

Overall, that's just our first step to introduce the group, I hope it will be bigger and better. One last thing, the reason why I use 'Society' instead of 'Community" because its has wider affection to people who want to learn this field.


  1. You are a creative video man.
    Sorry, i find some related not found page. Is really happen? or I did some mistake when accessing it?

    1. some articles under "You might also like:"

    2. @Komaruddin: Its error because i changed the title, you can still acccess it by typing into search box. Sorry.

  2. Yes, it runs well. But, it's better you solve the problem later :)

    1. nah, i cant solve that. I've tried to fix by replacing new script. But it wont work at all.


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