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Saturday, 1 June 2013

[Monthly Note] Things in June I would like to Finish

Hello, finally we are in the middle of year, so basically, i already finished my previous language project last year. Now, i am working on new project in Bahasa Indonesia for Traveling. Besides of that, i released a compilation music album recently. Now i am part-timer job as delivery man, i worked almost for two month in case to get new soundcard to support digital music making, actually i want to afford a brand-new camera too. But i still have old-school lovely laptop with low-specs.

In this middle of year, i am starting to take a new interest in drawing manga. I had interest in drawing when i was in boarding school, but later was replaced in writing short-stories. Now, i dont that i have enough time to write short stories. Blogging is the alternative one. Recently, i renewed my blog domains too.

In this June i would like to finish:

- Bahasa Indonesia for Traveling videos on Youtube.
- Launching My Chiptune music (The Lost-Sound)
- Mastering how to play piano and understand chord.

Well, that's little update for this blog. See you.


  1. wow, you have so many projects and you have many skills.

    good luck for everyting you do

    1. Its just three, bro... not so much.

  2. Semoga lancar mas gan project2 nya :D

  3. Good luck, my friend!
    I enjoy music on your blog here. But Will it eat my Internet pulse or not? Newbieeeeee

    1. well, i dont know..
      but you cant turn off flash and java setting on your browser, so that you wont get many cost in pulse.

  4. wow you have new hobby bro
    are you really like manga drawing ?

    1. somewhat.. perhaps i am gonna buy some tools in drawing soon.


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