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Saturday 1 June 2013

[Monthly Note] Things in June I would like to Finish

Hello, finally we are in the middle of year, so basically, i already finished my previous language project last year. Now, i am working on new project in Bahasa Indonesia for Traveling. Besides of that, i released a compilation music album recently. Now i am part-timer job as delivery man, i worked almost for two month in case to get new soundcard to support digital music making, actually i want to afford a brand-new camera too. But i still have old-school lovely laptop with low-specs.

In this middle of year, i am starting to take a new interest in drawing manga. I had interest in drawing when i was in boarding school, but later was replaced in writing short-stories. Now, i dont that i have enough time to write short stories. Blogging is the alternative one. Recently, i renewed my blog domains too.

In this June i would like to finish:

- Bahasa Indonesia for Traveling videos on Youtube.
- Launching My Chiptune music (The Lost-Sound)
- Mastering how to play piano and understand chord.

Well, that's little update for this blog. See you.