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Thursday 15 November 2018

Review : Dead Island Definitive Edition - Exotic Vacation with Zombies

Just played Dead Island Definitve Edition and finished the campaign mode. I am gonna review it on the web but here random thought about it: 

The story line is basically about zombie outbreak in exotic island named Banoi Island where four immune survivor that consist of Kanye west, Sane Vaasmontenegro, Asian chick who know chemistry who work in the hotel and That walking dead character who wields katana are going to find a way to escape from the outbreak.

Its open world game where it has graphic with photo realistic but shamefully, the characters animation are so lame with great voice acting. Imagine NPC characters cant act and have weird emotion. The quest are kind of chore and you can find it in many open world games but the thing that differentiates this game than other how satisfying using throw-able weapon instead fires random gun in order to defeat hordes of zombie. 

Story wise the game can be similar with many movies about zombie outbreak but this time happens in exotic island and you are as player is free to explore and have thrill in quite calm and relaxing stroll in killing zombies, find various people and environment.

The elements of rpg, four playable characters, looting and crafting system are the good thing about the game. This is kind of game that you can compare with Far Cry 3 while in FC3 you are stuck in island full of pirates and mercenaries. Dead Island gives you various zombies as something to fight against beside little bit of people. Players need to prepare for more time to finish the campaign if they want to max the stats of game, where 24 hours my life being has been stuck on Banoi Island with various locations like its city, slums, and jungle. Throwing stuffs into zombies is fun thing to do. 

Rating : 8/10
Difficulty : Normal
Finished : 15 November 2018