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Wednesday 24 October 2012

[Gaming] Five of The Most Favourite and Nostalgic Racing Psx Games

When we were had childhood memories with Psx in late 90s, there were many nostalgic games that perhaps we had played. Racing was the one of exciting genre to play together with friends or alone. For me, there are 5 games that I can still remember and sometimes I play on the PC emulator software. The reason is simple, that's because these games have addictive points and won't get me bored to play again.

 1. Nascar Rumble

Imagine the cars that can do special skills like summoning twister and thunder, freezing ice, and another skills by getting the power during the racing. With many type of the cars which race in interesting tracks and by achievement feature to unlock new cars and tracks, I use KMZWA8AWAA to unlock everything. 

2. Crash Team Racing

Its similar with Nascar Rumble, but it have different characters to use in Crash Bandicoot franchise game. Its hard to forget the game play in case how we have tried to find the shortcut in each tracks. The progress to complete this game might exciting as well as we have to defeat the bosses to unlock them.


3.Rc De Go

Perhaps this game was not so popular, but its really cool and worth to try if you want to play racing games with different game play. Its very different  racing game I ever played. In this game you would control RC car in different point of view, its from the upper side. In the first time, its absolutely hard to play the game except you practise it several time. Another part that I like from this game is  modifying the car and make it to be powerful in the next stages by using the money that you can get by winning each stages.


4. Road Rash 3D

What was the most fun things that you could do in the street motorcycle racing? Hitting your rival while you speeding, so Road Rash 3D is the answer. Its always fun to have crazy race without worrying get arrested  by cops. I like the game but its won't inspired me to do same thing like in the game.

5. Hydro Thunder

Its speed-boat that could explore different places from a simple river track to volcano and north pole river streams. Playing Hydro Thunder always make me to imagine if I had high-tech speed-boat, I would explore dangerous river streams in the world.

So those are my favourite Psx racing games, what yours?