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Monday 8 October 2012

Steps You Can Do after Signing up Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a free hospitality website to help travelers around the world to get hosting based on community and social-network. In this website, we can get free hosting place if we do travelling into different regions and countries by asking the request as its member. Most of beginner users may be confused what things to do after signing up in this web.

So, I am gonna recommend some steps how to participate and become "real" active member. These are based on my experience. 

1. Fill your profile completely, but don't tell about your personal living obviously, you can give yourself clear description about how is your character, your interests and your hobby, don't forget to write your views about something like travelling or hosting; what would you with your guest for example.

2. Join local groups, in each countries and region, there must be single group inside. You'll find local members that have same purpose like you. You can also help by replying messages from another members from another region that tell their plan to visit your region.

3. Let's meet up, if you know the local members, ask to join for a meet-up event, do meeting so that you know well with them each other, building network in real life is main point from Couchsurfing instead adding random people on the web.

4. Can't host, learn to accompany the guest to walk around your city. Cs not only about hosting, you can help members to give them advices and sharing for their travelling plan. If you doubt about the security, ask another local members to join together.

5. Be active, basically this web just a tool to connect people around the world through giving hospitality to know local people each other closely. You can be active by online (join the group) or real-life (meet-up), anyway, if you want to get friends fast and fun, be active then.