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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Five Things You Can Do in Banjarmasin City for Travelling

In travelling to South Borneo, you must be visit the capital city ; Banjarmasin from the airport or the harbour.  Rivers are interesting to explore in the city. As Banjarmasin residents, I know some of things that you can do here for travelling. Not only for vacation, you can see the cultural places and do shopping for traditional presents, here they are:

  • Visiting Floating Market *Its recommended Lok Baintan Floating Market 
Lok Baintan Floating Market

Its very popular here for tourist and travellers, you don't visit South Borneo except you have been here. So, seeing Floating Market is regarded for your main purpose why you come here. Its traditional market above the rivers, there are two Floating Market that you can visit (Kuin Floating Market and Lok Baintan Floating Market), both only exist in the morning from 07.00 to 09.00 . To reach the place, its common if you must hire a "kelotok" its big boat that cost around 150k - 300k for a round trip. You can reach there by motorcycle, but its little bit hard except you know someone that take you there.
  • Walking around in the Waterfront (Siring)
Banjarmasin Waterfront

Siring is one of popular hang-out and public places in Banjarmasin. Its located in the front of Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque, the best time to walk around here  in the afernoon or Sunday morning (people do jogging) . In the night, alongside the waterfront, you can find roasted corn sellers there, eating roasted corn while sitting in the waterfront in the night is good for chilling-out.
  • Seeing and Buying Sasirangan Clothes
One of Sasirangan Store #source from the net

Sasirangan is traditional cloth that originally come from South Borneo, its similar with Batik, but it has different of making process. In Banjarmasin, there is a place called Kampung Sasirangan which located near Waterfront, it just takes about 15 minutes from the Sabilal Muhtadin mosque. You can buy Sasirangan in the stores that provide many kind of clothes with reasonable price. If you want to find the manufacturers, in case you want to see the making of Sasirangan. I know the place and they sell it with cheap cost that under average from the stores.
  • Exploring Banjarmasin Canals
Exploring the canal by Kelotok

Its best to do this in the afternoon (start from 03.00 pm -  06.00 pm) by using kelotok.You must reserve at least 3 hours before you go, the cost is relatively same with hiring Kelotok to Floating Market, its recommended to do sharing cost. By exploring the canals, you will see the living of people who live across Banjarmasin rivers and canals. If you can stand for exploring little rivers (its dirty and stink), you will see the irony...

  • Eating Banjarese cuisine
Soto Banjar #Source from the net

Rumah Makan Warung Qori

After exploring all the whole places , you can taste Banjarese cuisines such Soto Banjar, Ketupat Kandangan, Lontong, etc. Eating traditional foods could be another things that you can do to explore new places. There are many restaurants and food stalls here, one of them is my parent place* sorry for promotion :-)  Rumah Makan Pondok Qori.  (The place is closed)