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Friday, 12 October 2012

[Internet] Fast Recording Voice Online with Vocaroo

Do you want to leave your messages via Internet and share it to your friends? You may use Youtube to do that, but its not simple as we must create an account and then upload our file to the website. There is an alternative way to do recording online without signing up to the website, its Vocaroo; ( a place to put your voice and share it to the world.

The steps to start recording are very easy, you must install Adobe Flash Player first and allow your PC to connect Flash Player feature in order you can start to do recording, its recommended to use microphone or if you use laptop, you can do it directly because most of laptops nowadays have built-in microphone.

Preview of web (visited in 29 october 12)

Next, you can click RECORD to start and then talk about something that you want, and stop if you have done. You can listen the result and then share it via links, social-network websites, or embed it on your blog. Moreover, you can also download it as mp3, Ogg, Flac and Wav.

If you are a blogger and want to put this as a widget, just visit the Widget section here: , i think it will be useful if you want to listen about your web/blog visitor opinions , this is my recording, you can listen my trial on the website (sorry for noise, i play music when i record)


  1. koneksi ane lelet nih, entar suara yang di hasilakan nyadat-nyadat hehee..

    1. Gak papa, gan.. yang penting bisa di rekam kan.

  2. Wahh aq gk ngerti bhs.inggris nehh.

  3. it's so cool. But i ever use soundcloud to share my voice ... haha


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