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Sunday 30 September 2012

[Project] A Survey about Learning Bahasa Indonesia

As an Indonesian who have made several videos on Youtube about learning the language, i've got another idea about surveying my viewers (and one of them is you :) for their space to tell what they want in learning Bahasa Indonesia Language. So, i decide to make a short-survey to find out how they know a lot of things that related with Indonesia.

It just take for 3-5 minutes only, by 15 questions that you would face, its simple questions. I want to know more about your motivation and anything else besides of that. So, here is the survey, you can participate by filling the questions below. Here we go:

This is link if the form below doesnt work:

Your name: *

(You can keep it anonymous if you want)
Your country: *

(The place you originally come from)
Your 1st Language: *

Your Bahasa Indonesia Skill *
1) What do you think about Bahasa Indonesia? *
 It's easy, i can learn it fast. 
 It takes more times to master it. 
 I can learn this language step-by-step 
2) Is it Bahasa Indonesia important for you? *
 Yeah, i must learn it. 
 Hmm, i should learn it. 
 No, i don't have to learn it, i just want to know. 
3) Why do you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia? *
 I want to visit this country for vacation 
 I want to learn everything about Indonesia besides the language, like cultures and people.  
 I have particular reasons that i want to tell. 
4) Are you interested to stay in Indonesia? *
 Yes, of course.. why not? 
 I am gonna think about it. 
 No, thanks. 
5) How long you would stay here? *
 Several years or month, maybe. 
 Short time, only. 
6) Which city would you live? *
 Jakarta (Big city) 
 Bali (Tourism City) 
 Kalimantan / Eastern Indonesia  
7) What are the parts of Indonesia do you want to learn besides the language? *
 All those things. 
8) Which part of learning languages could you enjoy? *
 Speaking and Listening (I want to speak like Indonesian) 
 Writing and Reading (That's because i am studying about Bahasa Indonesia intensively) 
9) Do you know about Bahasa Gaul (Slang) in Bahasa Indonesia? *
 Yes... i know it. 
 No, what is that? Is it same like Bahasa Indonesia? 
10) Are you interested to learn Bahasa Gaul? *
 Yes, its interesting. 
 No, i want learn basic only first. 
11) Have you been taught by someone? *
 No, i learn alone. 
 Yes, i have Indonesian friends who have teached me Bahasa Indonesia. 
12) As Internet users, which sources do you always take when you learn? *
 Learning directly by live-chatting 
 Downloading material lessons from the web 
13) What is your hobby besides learning the languages?

14) What do you think about Qori's project? *

15) Do you have some suggestions and critics? *

Overall, how would you rate Qori's project? *
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