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Wednesday 12 September 2012

[Internet] How to Share Youtube Videos into Facebook

There are two easy steps to share Youtube videos into Facebook, not only sharing the video, you can also share mp3 video by using "share" feature. Just search the song and find unofficial video, at least wont make your Facebook friends get hard to buffer it.

You can share the videos by two ways, there are:
  • Copy the URL address link video and paste on your status.
  • Use "share" feature under the video display on Youtube.
For the first way, open , search the video / mp3 that you want to share. For example: I want to share: "Indonesia Raya", open the video and in the browser menu, copy the link and then paste in your status box, look the example::

The second way, in the same video, click "Share" option under the video, you can click F icon or Facebook, click it twice and it will make a pop-up appear, you can write about anything for your status which video link inside. , and then click SHARE, its done.

Pop up to share video/mp3 video automatically.