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Thursday, 20 September 2012

[Event] Me at Blogilicious Banjarmasin 2012

Me at the event
Yesterday, I've participated for one local event in IT forum. The title of event was so interesting for me; Blogging. Its called Blogilicious Banjarmasin 2012, an official event from Idblognetwork with local blogger community Blogger Banua.  There were more 100 participants in this event, besides it's supported by another Blogger communities around Indonesia. At least, there were 7 cities held this event.

By campaigning Positive Blogging to the participants like Netiquette, Positive SEO, Introducing Blog for dummies and even more about how to get money from Blogging, sounds nice, huh? It took for 2 days in this event, i just came in the half day, for each day, there were many different topics and speakers. The session i've followed were about Mozilla Firefox campaign, Positive SEO, and Web security. These things were enough for me, so its not problem i couldn't join in the blog monetizing session, because i already know the tricks. :) 

The visitors

A speaker from ID Mozilla

Besides the seminaries, the organiser made some competitions such as Blog costumizing and Photography contest. I wasn't interested to join due some of projects that i am still working.For each participant, they get a certificate and t-shirt, cool... my dad would have new t-shirt again :-) seriously, i gave it to my dad. And I've saved the certificate ;)

Interactive Seminar

Creative writing by a journalist
Finally, I hope this positive event should be held again in the another time with the different theme.


  1. Mantaaap banar nah Englishnya :)

    Makasih banyak dah ada Fotoku diatas,, xixixix

    Salam Blogger Banua,
    Ijin kumasukan jua link kam di aggregrator lah

  2. @terlambat:

    thank you for visiting my blog.
    sorry, i forget to put the name.

    thank you vry much, i am gonna add your blog on the contact friends.


  3. wew, mantap banar bahasa inggrisnya, aq belajar kada bisa-bisa masih,,

    sempat jua kemaren lah umpat blogilicious

    1. yes, i had been there.
      Its easy to apply english as long as you make this language as habit, not boring theories.


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