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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Recommended Android Basic Office Android Applications

As an simple Android smartphone user,when we buy a new android smartphone, the basic application is not enough, we may be satisfied with built-in apps like note, calendars, and calculator, but I think some users will add more :basic: apps into their devices based on their needs in using the phone.

I personally use my smartphones as companion for work and project I work on. So, maybe these applications I recommend to you can be useful if you are kind of person who work on smartphone, especially in productivity. For a note, there are many similar apps that you can choose, but remember, this is my personal taste that I always keep on my phone memory.

1. Document to Go

Its like Microsoft Office but on Android system though Office have produced similar apps like this, I use this apps when I write this list. Surely, you can type any documents and anywhere and anytime. And moreover this apps able to open most of popular document type such .ppt (Power Point) and .xls (Excel) files. If you have .pdf e-book files. E-book reader is included.

2. Expense Manager

If you are businessman or someone who try to save your money budget, use this app. Its very useful to watch your income and expense, moreover you can process it in order you can manage all your transactions.

3. Any.Do

One thing that I like from this app, its simple and configurable. You can make your schedule list by writing it or speak it directly. The app will display your to-do lists in the home screen as a widget.

4. Evernote

Do you want to write something simple like ideas or just a little bit of information to write. You may use this app, though its similar with Document to Go or native Android note feature on your Android. This is an alternative way if you want to have powerful notes apps.

5. Utitilites Apps

For addition, you can look for addition apps like Flashlight, Screen Locker, and adjusting your phone awake mode. I write it in another post.