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Wednesday 8 August 2012

[Tips] How to Learn a New language for Beginners

Hello, this is Qori, today, I wont talk about learning Bahasa Indonesia, but  I am going to share my thought about learning language. To learn a language, I think you can consider and ask yourself what would you do with your new language? Is it really important to your life? And should I use this language in my life? So, lets discuss.


For what am I learning a language? – There are many reasons for people to learn language, education purpose, commercial, or just for fun and travelling purpose. For education and commercial purpose, you must be need a class, whether formal class in the school or take a course, both are intended to learn intensively in a long time and must have structured and scheduled lessons. Besides they are good if you want to get advanced education and better career. 

And it’ll be different if you have “just for fun” or “travelling” purpose, you don’t need a class, you just have a book and look for material on internet, and it’ll help you to learn language free, yep, free. You don’t have to pay though you may pay for the book or for website cost.  

With both purposes , you can learn a new language in short time but its not guaranteed you would learn consistently and maybe you’ll lose a desire to continue learning because having no free times or lost purpose or no guidance to learn advanced lessons. 

Point one: PURPOSE 


You have a strategy and goals in learning. What is something important to master? Speak fluent or good in translating and writing?

 If you tend to speak fluent, try to look for learning method in speaking way. For suggestion, you can try to memorize words and sentences with the meaning and then try to pronounce it, use technology, record your voice and then listen repeatedly. This is good way to train your ear and your mouth. You can practice your speaking with the people who has same purpose like you, or if you have a gut, try to speak with the native speaker, but you must look for it first. 

And if you tend to write and translate new words and sentences, you need a book (theory book) and a dictionary, its same with regular learning in the class. Use technology if you want to get free lessons when you go online. There a lot of websites if you want to learn new languages, like or, both are good websites to start. 

Point two: Method


At least if you want to learn a new language, try something that makes you more interested to learn it. 

For example, in Learning English, I am interested with the movie; I like the dialogues and the accent.  So, I try to mimic the accent and remember the dialogues.

When I play a game, I am interested to understand with the storyline and the guidance in the game.  So, I look for the dictionary and translate some new and difficult words.

When I listen English song, I am curious about the meaning. I enjoy the song and singing along.

 When I want to learn something I like, I look for the materials in English, for example, I am interested with producing digital music, there are a lot of video tutorial about it with English language, so I can learn two things in the video. How to make music and listen a people talk with English.

How about learning in the class and take a course? I think it’s same. What do you think?  

Point three:Based on my experience

Thank you for reading this writing, question? Feel free to ask me, those tips are based on my experience, let’s discuss.