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Monday 13 August 2012

Making Pixel Art Image with Paint Software

One of work arts that computer can produce since the old day is pixel image; its little form from digital art which an image being edited by the smallest particle form which called Pixel. Pixel images can be seen on the old-school computer and games. Though its old-fashioned, Pixel art is still used in making games today, besides it can be unique art work named Pixel Art.

 For example like this image:

Credit by Batu_Berguling

This is mine... just trying...
And how to make it, the answer is too damn easy, the only thing that you need is native Windows software; Paint and then your creativity in drawing through square forms.
  1. Turn on your PC on Windows Operating System, on the START menu, find ACCESSORIES section and choose an app named PAINT.
  2. On the menu bar, choose VIEW > ZOOM > LARGE SIZE And then choose SHOW GRID (Ctrl + G)
  3. If you feel the size is too small, please zoom it again by choosing VIEW > ZOOM > CUSTOM , and you can choose the biggest size. 
  4. And then the display on the work place become square, start to draw the object. If you done with the drawing and to save it as project file, use command CTRL + S (Save as), and if you want to make it as an image, capture the image by pressing PrintScrn-Sysrq on the keyboard, and then paste at Microsoft Office Picture Manager app.
  5. If you feel unclear, please ask me… I am gonna response soon.