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Wednesday 12 December 2012

[Internet] How to Find and Define of Music Genres

Sometimes we listen new music or musician which not too familiar in the genre and we also don't know much about the artist information. We can use to find out. Its the biggest music database in the Internet.

type the artist name XD

In this case if we want to get any information about the musician fast, just enter the web and fill the artist name on the search box. You will see complete information about the musician biography, pictures and videos, latest album or discography, and gigs schedule if it's available.

Dat komplete information...

In addition, you can see tags of genre that has been determined by users which mostly is accurate. To get the explanation of music genre, just click it and you will see the summary of explanation and also the list of musician that play the same genre.

Dat genre's explanation

Anyway, you can also contribute in this website to add the unknown artist that might never added in this web. Or if you are a musician or have a band, this web is good to broaden your listeners through its similar artist feature.