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Thursday 16 August 2012

Zombie Apocalypse or Robot Apocalypse

Whenever we watch movies about zombie or robot theme-based, there is a critical situation we can interpret the world in apocalypse. A World in the end of the age where there are many human as survivors and they must defend their existence.

Lets imagine and play "what if", which one would you choose to live? Each apocalypse have advantages and disadvantages.

1. Zombie Apocalypse

Your enemy is slow and not-too smart, but it's contagious when it bites. The zombies could be your family or your close friends. And you have to leave or defeat them by killing. And this much of drama. And you need more skill to survive in getting life sources. The end of this apocalypse is you find new safe places or be one of zombies* not include if you are desperate and then kill yourself.

2. Robot

a. Its fast and genius, plus its heartless. To kill robot, you need solid weapon or you could hack them. Robot could be controlled and could be your great armoury to destroy another robots. Don't forget if the robot can create new robot. Then end of scenario is you hack all the robot successfully or  get killed. But there is an alternative ending, you can send robot into the past to fix it.