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Sunday 12 August 2012

[Internet] How to Face Trolling

If you have got cynical commentaries on the social-network websites that stimulate you anger and then become annoyed, that must be “trolling” activity. In the WWW, someone who do that is Troller. Trolling doesn’t have particular motivation and mostly for joking around into newbie Internet users. In some cases, trolling could be regarded as just for fun activity without intending obvious purpose. 

So, these are step how to face trolling, if you can be a patient internet users, these step aren’t useful at all: 

1. Never response back to the trollers, if you get trolling, just let them do it. You can delete all their posts or leave it. Being quiet is the key. 
2. Block the posters, if you are using Facebook, use Block User feature or Ignore List on the web and forums. This step is more safe because you wont read their posts anymore. 
3. Prepare your mentality. Sometimes they act aggressively if they find topics which tend to make them do trolling. Don’t be more open on the net and don’t show something that make your look seen stupid. 
4. Know the characteristic of the web users, if there are a lot of trollers there. Don’t spend your time to read their posts, look for alternative web that have helpful and nice users, but its not always 100% that a web is clean from the trollers. 
 5. Never argue with the trollers, they are experienced Internet user and their work is just looking for fun to someone until they feel satisfied. If you want to learn how to be a troller, never think that trolling is something exciting to do. If you troll someone, you'll trolled by another one.