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Sunday 25 September 2011

[Photography] Circle

Camera: Nokia C3
Location: PSB IAIN Antasari, Banjarmasin
Time: 23 Agustus 2010, 10.47 AM
Edit: No!

Monday 12 September 2011

[Internet] Download Videos from Youtube Easily and Fast

Youtube provides various videos for you to watch online. You are only to be watcher and give comment for video that you watched. You can't download the videos from youtube because exactly they not providing videos for downloading.

There are many ways to download videos from Youtube easily and fastly, you can use downloader software or some sites for helping you to download videos from youtube. This some ways that i wrote to Download videos from Youtube easily and Fastly from me. I ‘ve did it always. Its work!

Sunday 11 September 2011

[PC] SMADAV; Another Antivirus from Indonesia

Indonesia is the one of state that many produces virus for computers. There’s many virus spread fastly via Internet and USB. The virus makers always make new their viruses wuth various name. Their viruses usually not too be dangerous for computer system, but still disturbing for computer users. They make virus just for fun or want to be famous.

Thursday 8 September 2011

[Tips] Get Job Fast

In this modern life,  The work rivalry becomes a phenomena for job searcher. Narrow vacation and high capability becomes an obstacle for them. They demanded for choose right job, because if don’t, they will be jobless person.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

[Thought] Making Up Mind

Oftentimes we be faced with some problem that make us think hard for solve it. Do you know, most of human solve their problem with various ways. Some people solve their problem with wrong way like using drug, alcohol, etc. Not all people like that, quite a few solve their problem with right way.

Friday 2 September 2011

[Blog] When Blogger Shares his Ideas for SEO

A big phenomenon on Internet world when blogging activity become Internet worth activities for knowledge development. A blogger write every ideas what appeared on his head and then share to worldwide or Internet. Blogger share his ideas to widest world usually categorized to some purposes.