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Tuesday 14 June 2011

[File] A Children Short Story: Going Picnic

Ben and Amy were going to the park today. They had decided to make a picnic. First they needed to get a basket to put the food in, Ben wanted to make the sandwiches, and Amy wanted to make the drinks.
After Ben and Amy put all the food in the basket they decided that they also wanted to play some games at the park too. So Amy grabbed a ball and Ben grabbed a net so that they could play soccer.

After they had gotten all the items for there day at the park they grabbed there jackets, and began to walk. When they got there they were very hungry, so they wanted to set up the picnic first. Amy layed down the blanket and started to set up the meal, while Ben was setting up the net.

They were both very happy to eat in the park and enjoy the sounds of the birds. When they finished with their meal they played a nice game of soccer, but then it started to rain. So they packed up and went home.

Written by: Kana Foutch
Thank you very much to allow me put your writing. 
Note to reader: Here is my first English speaking test that written by one of my foreigner friend, Kana.