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Qori Reader is a blogging enthusiast from Banjarmasin, South Borneo, Indonesia. Blogging, music producing, and currently being entrepreuneur for selling cakes.

~~~~~Interview Section~~~~~

This is a section for a little bit interview with me; Qori. Maybe you want to know more about me.... :D

Q: Hi Qori, good morning, afternoon, evening and night.
A: Hi there...

Q: Could you explain, what is that blog for you?
A: In my opinion , Blog is a place in the internet where we can share anything that we like, besides we can publish our writings so that people could read it and also it can be archive for future generations.

Q: Then, what do you think about  blogging itself?
A: Blogging is current Internet feature to provide people who are in the past wrote their experiences and opinions by writing in their diary. Nowaday, we can write through the internet, and that is so simple and exciting for me.

Q: What is the point from blogging?
A: Blogging actually sometimes seems very addictive, but sometime its boring. Could you imagine you can write something easily but in the another time you couldn't write because you got stucked and you got bad mood or you were in the impossible condition. So, blogging would seem boring sometimes.

Q: Could you tell us about your interesting in blogging?
A: I was interested with blogging since 2007 when i was in 9th grade and i have been attended in a boarding school in that time where I didnt have internet access except twice in a month. I have made one blog and updated regularly every month, but unfortunately my first blog has been hacked by someone in 2010. And i have made one new blog then. 60% percent of my writing was lost because i didn't backup it.

Q: What is your expectation in blogging?
A: I have many expectations actually, but i don't hope too much. At least, i can writing and producing more works, that makes me happy and proud. Knowledge and experience sharing are the one.

Q What is your real name?
A: Muhammad Qori, but i change it a little bit become Qori Muhammad Reader, Shortly Qori Reader, "Reader" is my family name, i made it by myself. In the internet , try Google Qoreader, its my username in the internet, my previous username was Qorianisme, and that was my blog adress with .com domain.

Q: Describe yourself?
A: I  am left-handed, melancholic, moody and quasy-wise sometimes. You can rate me anyway if you have meet me.

Q: Something you like
A: I like many things, basically i like to learning and observing. I prefer to learn directly outside the class.

Q: Something you dont like
A: Counting

Q: Now, the reader may have another questions, please ask!
A: :D

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