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Saturday 25 October 2014

[Photography] Eating Bench

Camera: Nokia E71
Location: Gedung Tarbiyah IAIN, Banjarmasin
Time: 23 Agustus 2010, 10.47 AM
Model: M. Fadhillah Arsyad (My Friend)
Edit: Yes, B & W!

Tuesday 7 October 2014

[Thought] Why We Should Buy and Have Wrist Watch.

Many people assume the role of a wrist watch is no longer in need since its replaced with Smartphone. The clock features in smart phone is only aimed to show the time, while the wrist watch has more than that. So why today many people in my opinion and you should have wristwatches?

Wednesday 1 October 2014

[Monthly Note] Proposal and Deadline.

To end this September, I proposed a new thesis proposal which is related into a literature, the deadline is about two months to start final hearing for my college study. So, this month I am gonna use it for learning intensively and mastering what I am going to research. The topic I take is Characterization of Warm Bodies novel that I just read half of it. Since I am fan of science-fiction and interested in Zombie stuffs, I think it won’t be a problem for me to do research.