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Thursday 25 August 2016

[Lets Play] League of Legends #1 Play as Velkoz (No Commentary)

League of Legends is one of my favourite game I ever played and still I binge-playing this competitive games who have similar appeal like Dota 2 that is I am currently learning. In this first Lets Play series, I’d like to try out my attempt to record my playing with using my favourite character. Its agains Bot and somehow I dont know when I’ll start playing against human.

Tuesday 16 August 2016

[Monthly Note] 7 Phase of My Life

This is not the monthly headline or article that talks about science or motivation to live and so on. But as a reminder for myself that the number of 7 is very influential in this phase of my life. I do not believe in mythical bullshit that number brings some lucks, but if I think of it, I live very close to the number OF 7, in particular in my phase of life.