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Thursday 14 May 2020

Left 4 Dead 2 – A Good Sequel Team Based Zombie Basic Shooter

Back when Zombies craze spawned across many media in mid 2000’s like movies and video game. Left 4 Dead is considerably as the starter pack for PC gamer who love shooting zombies with team-mates where the story-line consist of four survivors who must to travel across the city to get safe zone in order to save themselves by facing horde of zombies in abandoned city.

Unlike the first installment, L4D 2 is the major improvement than the first game which has better combat element and environment even though the game play is still the same which players need to be the one who shoot the most of zombies and surviving to the end of level, either playing it co-op with friends or accompanied by AI. 

The game has four different distinct characters and the back story that is not the really important to follow since all of them has same goals and need to co-operate to finish the level. It has 5 different levels that separated by three or more sub-levels with unique and different background. The satisfying thing playing Left 4 Dead even though just basic shooter game it’s that zombie game that has no any additional gimmick such skill progression or weapon upgrade to buy. Just grab the weapon and shoot the different type of zombie where they has no exact and same spot in every game session, its randomly generated and has surprise element that becomes the game major attraction.

L4D 2 is not easy game and hard to predict on how enemies spawn and swarm, players need to be careful in some spot because some zombies are deadly and hard to deal. Health kit is scarce and need to use carefully so it adds the intensity of game play besides using weapons wisely because ammo are randomly found in areas. The additional improvement in weapon resides on how melee combat is presented. Various melee weapons are really good to go to sweep entire zombie swarm with satisfying sound effect. 

I think the minor problem playing L4D 2 is how stage or story progression can be played randomly which is players can jump into final chapters or playing from the start. So, I played from the first chapter and continue the progression in each chapter break. So, the campaign mode is not really campaign because every level is already unlocked. Some level are too easy to play and the next one is ridiculously hard when I play with AI bots and use Hard as difficulty setting. 

Finally, As I left my L4D 2 impression is this game will be instant modern-classic zombie team-based shooter game to pick when you want to play basic zombie shooter without any investment into complex story and game play. Just pick any level, character, and weapon to start slaying with your local friend or AI bots. Its fun for the whole family. 

Rating : 8/10 
Finished : 05/05/20 
Difficulty : Hard 
Written : 14/05/20