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Thursday 9 August 2012

[Article] Reasons Why Do People Listen Radio?

Internet is one of affordable media for most people, but its existence perhaps couldn't defeat Television and Radio as two main important as main media though Internet has both function, but people still prefer to use these conventional device.

Talking about television and radio, we know that TV is still used for everyone who need audio-visual images directly on their living-room. And how about radio? Not all people like to listen radio, so does radio still needed for us?

I am personally seldom to listen radio, not at all though. But i question my self why this media still exist, based on my observation and experience, i think there are particular reasons about listening radio.

1. By radio, we don't need to take attention into the screen like watching TV, so we can work and do another thing while listening radio. We can read a book while listen radio, we can clean our room, or anything else. So, listening radio is multi-tasking way to get information and entertainment.
2. In the transportation, only radio could be really enjoyable, though there is television inside, if you are driver, its hard to drive while you watch on TV. Moreover, if you are bored with your music play list, listening radio could be alternative to get more information about updated music and news.
3. Radio has niche; not like television. Some radio station have fan base and listeners who listen their favourite genre of music.
4. Its cheap and flexible, anyone can listen radio, every phone must be have radio feature inside, and for people in the villages, listening radio is more saving more energy than using television which need more electricity.
5. As alternative media, of course. When black-out happens, people turn into radio, and i said, if they are bored with their play list. They play radio.

In the end, radio is still used, so lets discuss..,another reasons why people still listen radio?