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Friday 24 August 2012

[Gaming] Finishing GTA San Andreas in 2012

One of the best sand-box video game ever is GTA San Andreas, if you are early 20s kids, this games is so memorable and addictive to play. Despites it has many controversies in the whole games like violent and profanities in the gameplay, the biggest reason why do gamers like this game is everything about roaming the world with free-will.

I just finished this game last month, it took for two weeks if i have played nonstop on my pc. I didn't use cheat and work very hard to finish several missions. Sometimes, i have opened walkthrough videos on youtube to solve the most difficultiest missions on the game, mostly about how to ride the planes. 

I have almost got desperate when i did'nt finish one of mission, its because AI in this game was so trolling. Though you are good and careful during the missions, something unexpected always happened, in the end your patience must be tested when play this game.

There is a trick if you want to finish this game, i haven't used cheat when i play. Gta SA is a sandbox with rpg influences inside, so just like rpg games, train your character to get more advanced skills like shooting and driving. Dont focus in finishing the mission, you can explore and improve your character by driving and shooting in war of gangster.

That ending.... finally, i finish it, video is related.

After several year after its release, and now i can understand English well, i really why this game was so controversial, the dialouges, the scenes, and the depiction of violence scenes with profanities everywhere were the reasons. And i just have realized this. But, i learn many things from the games; the gangsta and black culture, comparaing  interesting fictional  geography places that actually based the real life.

To enjoy this game, you dont have to focus in finishing the missions, you can still enjoy it by driving everywhere and as fast as you could. That's what i like from this game.