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Saturday 30 July 2011

[Project] New Direct Indonesian Video Learning by Me

After one month, i suceessed for making Indonesian audio learning. As i promised to one of my friend. I made a plan to make Indonesian learning videos, so i try to do this something new. Its a recording myself into a camera. Though my face is not so camera-genic. :)

I just made two videos only now, One is about Indonesian basic greetings and then about Personal Pronoun, please watch my videos. I hope you like it *and i hope you like my face.

1 .Indonesian Basic Greetings

2. Personal Pronoun

In making of those videos, there are many mistakes that i did when i recorded my self. From speaking, face expressions and etc, such sound noises. But, overall. I like to make this something new. I'll update new lessons soon. So , just wait somebody...