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Thursday 7 July 2011

[Thought] Adopting Video Games into Movies

If you get bored with films that are adopted from games because its suckyness and lameness in describing the games into scenes that are more limited for less than one hour only. You wont get anything from those movies if you are a fanboy of the games.

Tekken was a failed movie, and so on followed by King Of Fighter, epic fail. And even Resident Evil Series didn't give a gamer the expectations that appropriated with its games.

And there are many negative opinions among gamers, that if you adopt their favourite game into the movie, you'll get mockery and disappointment only from its fans. Is this true?

Yes, i think. From several game movies that i watched, the only reason why the fans became haters of those films is because the movies modified the game stories that made big differences on the games.

For example: Resident Evil's Game is telling about zombie survivals and anti-hero protagonist (the meaning of the protagonists means, they do not have a super power to defeat the zombies) , but its changed when its brought into the movie. If you are really Resident Evil Gamer, you will say the movies "The suckest movies ever"

But, if you are just a movie viewer, and not a gamer. This movie is the same with any other movie.

Finally, there are many games that will adopted into movies, result may vary from viewer to viewer, if you are a gamer. And you see changes from its stories, you'll be disappointed, and if you don't, you'll make and rate the movies from the boringness of whole story only.

19 July 2011, Tuesday.

Thanks you for Ms. Kana Foutch for editing my writing.