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Thursday 21 July 2011

[Movie] Shaun of the dead; LOL Zombie Survivors

If you look for most recommended horror-comedy movie about zombies, you can watch this British movie. Shaun of the dead. Not like other zombie movies, you will see a naive and foolish person that became the title of this Movie, Shaun.

Shaun is a troublesome electronic salesman, who has a bad connection with his girlfriends friends, girlfriend, mother, and step dad. He stays with his friend, Ed. A slacker person who always makes a mess in his home and Ed also has the same hobby as Shaun, going to the bar, spending all night there. Though Ed always being annoying, Shaun became a man who defend him from his other friend, another guy who feels disturbed with Ed's existence.
One day, London was attacked by mysterious syndrome that makes the residents become zombies that are causing chaos in their city. Though his city has been attacked by zombies, in the first time. Shaun doesn't realize that he and his friend lives among the zombies.

But next, he knows what happend in his city because they watched the news from his home about zombie attacking around the world. So, its makes Shaun think that he must save his mother and girl friend and then bring them into his favourite bar.

Does Shaun have succes in saving his mother, friends and girlfriend at the same time?


You must watch this unique movie. Why? Cause you'll laugh of loud because of Shauns stupidity against zombie while saving with his friend, Ed. With comedy aspect and feels like a visual novel. Shaun of the dead, just a hilarious-horror movie at the same time. You'll get this taste in this movie. Though this comedy movie, some scenes contains gore and violance, so be ready for disturbed things.

Overall, i like this movie and its accent, cause this is British movie. They sounds different than American movies.

Thanks for Ms. Kana Foutch for editing my writing ;)