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Monday 8 August 2011

[Tips] How to Form Ideas for Writing

Writing skilee for people reputed as special talent from specific person, we always call person like that a skilled writer. Its not fault, but that is wrong. We can also to be skilled writer with some “Assistant”. And that assistant is ideas. Yup, even every writers need ideas. So, how to appear ideas easily. I’ll give some ideas for appear ideas.
  1. First: Start from yourself. Just look what do you have! And write it. Don't be afraid for the result. Just write from yourself and enjoy it, later you can fix it.
  2. Second: If you afraid take ideas from yourself, take to other like your surroundings. Just look your family, friend, home and many stuff around you.
  3. Third: What new happen to world. You can make it an opinion, article, feature or just note.
  4. Fourth: You have friend, just ask him for ideas.
  5. Fifth: This finally, share with me! Any question?