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Thursday 2 January 2020

Review : 1979 Revolution Black Friday - A Piece of History that made into Tell-tale Game

Video game is one of greatest medium as learning tool in the digital age, whether it can be as history re-imagining in many fantasy video games or history revisionist based on the company agenda to re-write a piece of history for pandering. 1979 Revolution Black Friday is nor any of them. Its a tell-tale type of video games that shows the experience of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 based on real character and the history book. 

There are not many things to do in Tell-tale video game except watching each chapters about the plot line where players play as civilian who happened being involved the mass protest who use his camera to capture the condition of Iranian society at the time, so players require to do bit exploring and take some snap-shot of pictures that resembles of real life photography. There are also minor action involving quick-time event in action sequence. The game is mostly presented through dialogue and many characters, some items are also becomes an additional fun fact about the background history. So, if you are interested in learning history especially Iranian revolution, you may check the game. 

The game also have a choice of dialogue that is mostly makes the difference outcome but it will be intertwined into the final ending that somehow a cliff-hanger but still I can learn some stuffs after playing the game and reading some texts related to the event and listening audio log. 

I think this game is made for sake of history learning and its clearly there is no bias of propaganda that mostly happen from "woke" video game company today. Its just kind of an interactive story-line that set in Iranian revolution and made by Iranian for gamer who love learning history. 

Rating : 7/10
Difficulty : None (Just playing along with the narrative)
Finished in : 31 December 2019