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Monday 20 January 2020

Review : AER Memories of Old - Yawnfest Cubism Indie Adventure Game

Somewhere in the dev office when this game idea was pitched : Yo dude, how about we make a game about fantasy world without even trying to mesh the game character in 3D with open-world illusion and leave it with polygon shape as art direction style to make a difference than similar game, add elementary school puzzle tier with long backtracking plus make our main character can travel around the world by shape-shifting into a bird while the music consist of sleepy ambient and half-baked chillwave music being played randomly, meanwhile we dont really have too much assets for many characters and care enough about the world building story by putting the main character should save the world because her ancestor did something wrong. Also, dont put any combat, score, item collecting. And make our game as walking and flying simulator. 

And that is shortest summary of the game I played that consumes 3 hours for a game that you can play before sleep to experience the greatness of yawning I have got from this game. A potential great indie game but ruined with just simple walking and flying simulator in fantasy world that reminds me of 3D Legend of Zelda game where main objective to finish all floating island in the sky that is pretty cool concept but there are not many things to do after reaching the island except solving the basic puzzle to reveal the plotline about how dark creature will take over the world except main character visiting all the shrine and got the power. The lame thing about getting the power that there is no power at all to use in combat because there is no enemy to face except in the cut scene for each completing puzzle. 

I think it’s not fair though to judge an indie game having combat element and its become full player exploration experience, but the thing game don’t give too much instruction what to do or simple quest tracker is pretty off. There countable NPC in your base that gives the clue what to visit but considering this game is meant to play as chilling session, I end up wandering back and forth and almost made me quit. 

Note : I got this game for free years back on Steam

Rating : 5/10 
Difficulty : Elementary school tier level
Finished : 22 December 2019 
Written : 20 January 2020