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Monday 20 January 2020

Review : Her Story - A Detective Video Telling Game

There were questionable choice back when I was pumped to collect more video game back log on my Steam account, my mark set towards some “good indie” and affordable cheap game first before piling up into AAA games title. And About Her was my pick when I read this game was won from many awards. Ofcourse my pet peeve when picking title I don’t watch the gameplay for not spoling the fun. Just see the store page, it has 90% off and then bought the game while I almost forgot the existence.

So playing Her Story is not like demanding effort to do, all the gameplay offer you just have this simulated old crt monitor computer, there are bunch of one minute interrogation videos that shows a suspected women that becomes the objective to finish the game because she is accused as murderer her husband while she denied the accusation and stated that he lost him.

So the focus gameplay is watching and listening anything she said and then if player where we play as detective investigator finding new word about people and location, type on search bar and there are new videos to see. Pretty neat idea but the game just revolves around watching the entire video that takes couple of hours to solve the mystery of case. Its one game that no need particular focus on anything picking any button, there is no challenging to do. Its basically video game movie. Did I mention that this game is kind of revival FMV genre? It is where video games use real life footage to set the setting and framework. 

There are multiple reasons maybe this game has won over AAA titles in best dialogue but I think the most particular one that this game has the writing as the movie that there are multiple award for its kind of genre particularly indie genre. And that’s all to sum up the game summary. 

My impression after finishing the game that after two session of sitting, it’s a decent game for people who just enjoy the narrative without working on the understanding how the game works. A pen and paper is necessary but if you are good catching any clue in each words in each video, its easy peasy game with little element surprise till the end if you figure what is this game about. 

Rating 5/10 
Written : 19 Januari 2020 
Finished : 19 Januari 2019