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Tuesday 31 December 2019

My life summary of 2019 in a year

So here I am in the last decade of 00s that will be remembered as the emergence of digital era 2.0 where everyone have access the apple of knowledge called Internet in instant using tip of fingers as I still type things in this blog using gaming keyboard that I use this entire year while waiting fireworks burst outside my room outside while my wife is watching her daily Tiktok videos. 

I am supposed to play some games tonight but I consider one getting things done called write a summary life in 2019 before 12.00 pm. So there we go. 

My Personal Life

I got married and thats something I am not expected to happen soon, but things went faster when a girl accept the engagement where we never met before but I just stated as long as we can get along. I'll be run through on track with my life companion. And now, she is about to give birth in two month while months before our relationship was kinda rocky and got typical household problem stuff. Our world and interest are pretty opposite but if its a radio, we are on the same frequency but different channel. 

There are many sacrifices to do after marriage but thats the bitter stuff I have to swallow, at least half of them. I am so lucky that my hobby is not kind bothering my wife, I am still playing video game on my PC to spend spare time, but for something productivity like making stuffs, I think its just not enough time to do. Also I started to collect things (by buying something I can afford) that interests me besides focusing my self into video game like collecting books, audio cds, lego and board games. 

So, yeah usually after spending my half day working as baker, spent the night playing some games I need to finish (I hoarded too many video games already, in the weekend taking wife to do "shopping" to add my collection in local mall. Thats all. Occasionally I met and active on local Couchsurfing met up once in a month at least. 

My Work and Financial 

Here I think about having a business getting started increasing, it takes hard work and more sweat that depletes my energy. It pays well but costs many times where somehow I manage to planning going to retire before 30s but the fact that I dont own a house yet and things that are crucial before becoming a parent. It keeps me going expanding my business while investing some of my money is my choice. 

My store has its popularity already and about 20 cakes are made everyday which I assume I already baked about thousands of cakes I sold. There are no vacation day since I am enjoying work than sitting my ass staring on monitor screen. I have ton of plans for my business and obviously I want to make it better and bigger. 

My Future Plan? 

Its 2020, a new decade will born and unknown future will come, but at least I am the man with a plan. My personal life and work are my biggest grip continuing my life. I will reach 30s, its kind of an age to be more mature and thing like becoming a responsible man what comes to my head when someone asked about it. So this is kind of the end of my last year of writing. 

Yep thats me.
Greeting from end of 2019