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Saturday 30 March 2013

[Project] Theird; The Third Music Album Preview

I released a new compilation album recently. It's title: Theird, its been six month after I've released Secondstep last year. As usual, I compiled 9 tracks I made one by one. You can get it for free. Here is the review:

1. The Glitchy Day (Glitch-hop) 

This opening track sounds glitchy (ofcourse), I likes glitch-hop a lot and I want to try something new on my music journey.

2. The Past (Breaks)

I favourite this track, I think this tune is core of this album, with reggaeton beat and melancholic lead. I think you can like it.

3. The Flying Cat (Psychedelic Hiphop Beat) 

Actually I made it for beat-em up bgm tune, but later became an experimental sounds like cats could fly around my mind.

4. The Yellow Rice (Folk Instrumental Hiphop) 

I sampled the string of one Banjarese instrumental folk song called 'Baras Kuning' or Yellow Rice. I sampled the intro only, its supposed to be a freestyle hiphop beats, but I wish i can fill it with rap about Banjarese culture.

5. The Same Weekend (Micro-dance) 

Its minimalistic dance music I made with catchy bassline and sine lead.

6. The Deadline (Hiphop Beat) 

Just melancholic hiphop beat I made.

7. The New Year (Chiptune) 

Its made in the new year...

8. The Movement (House) 

I didn't have any idea when I make it..

9. The Thousand Stream (Dnb) 

A dnb track, my second try on this genre.

10. Bouncing Glass

Its fail music that I submitted in Indonesian electronic compilation.

Alright, there is a link below to download all the songs, its free. Next, I am gonna focus to make an album in particular genre, such chiptune, house, hiphop, etc. See you next time.

Link Download: