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Saturday 9 March 2013

Five Important Things to Do during Backpacking

Whenever we have a long trip, it must be takes more times and our energies. Sometimes we were too tired to do something to move our body. During long trip, we also would feel overwhelmed due tight situation. If you are on backpacking, bringing lighter stuffs couldn't make your movement to be difficult. But there is a different case if you go with many packages. At least, you may try my tips about the things that you can do during long trip or backpack.
1. Ligthen your package

 If you feel heavy with the stuffs you bring, you can leave your luggage on the way, just drop something that you can get easily in another place. Old-clothes or bunch of scrap documents could be your choice. Perhaps,you don't really need stuffs that you have bring from your home. So, just dump it all if you can get it back on your first place.

2. Limber Up

You don't need to push up or do stretching, if you are on the ship, walking around is enough. If its not possible to do due the narrow space like on the bus. You can do it in the rest place. What about the plane? Its simple, do it before you fly.

3. Writing or Reading and Drawing

You can write everything and draw something in the paper, if you are blogger, its good place to collect your ideas, if its not possible to write nor draw, you can read. Before you go, look for magazines or newspapers, i don't recommend to bring the book because it needs more spaces. Just another option.

4. Make another plan

 You have much time to reorganise your trip. Sometimes we get something unexpected happen to our trip, so, its required your awareness in deciding what are your next options to take new plans. For example, your trip was delayed because of bad situation that you don't find on the guide book. So, you may make or decide for alternative routes and plan fr your trip. Its good to have better preparation in something that always happen unexpectedly.

5.Talking with someone.

This is good if you are talkative person, but if don't. You can practise to be more communicative, during the trip, if you find trust able person that might you believe. You can start to ask something simple like arrival schedule or resting place if you are on the land trip. But,consider something before you talk further, don't tell all your personal info just in case.

So that's five things that you can during the trip based on my experience. You may try your way, and share here the another.