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Sunday 10 March 2013

[Interview] Gungbaster; Trance Producer Under-rated Banjarmasin

Besides being active in Internet activist that give many contributions in various online forum, one of interesting from Gungbaster is his productivity in producing electronic music which are most of them Trance and House music. In this moment, I do interviewing about his way in producing music and all around it.

Q : Could you introduce yourself in short way?
A : I am just regular guy who like to critize and composing various songs. Nothing special. In internet, I am known as Gungbaster, I am active in various of forums, social media, and participates in electronic music album compilation, but in real life, I am active working on digital media artworks.

In the name of TRANCE by gungbaster music  

Q : Since when you’re interested in audio digital producing?
A : Well, it was 2001 I suppose, but I really got into electronic music around 2005 because the feature of PC was able to produce music digitally in our house.

Q : From where did you learn? And how do you learn?
A : My learning concept is self-taught and I learn from many sources especially via Internet, reading a lot and then discussing in the forum, then doing experiment by watching Youtube tutorials and sometime I re-compose some ready-made projects.

Q : Why you do you take Trance music as your main production? Why not “Dubstep”?
A : I am not kind of person who stick into one genre only, but surely Trance is my basic because its easy to rework into different genres such House, New Age, Jazz, Rock and event Classical. Aside of Trance music, I also produce another genre of music, its depend on my mood and inspiration that came in.
Q : How many tracks did you produced and what you’ve got from producing your own tracks?
A : I forget how many I’ve produced, I never count. I think its positive hobby and exciting to do.

Q : What do you think about current Indonesia pop music, especially Boyband and Girlband trend that is happening right now?
A : Haha, that’s just a trend in music industry, as we know that trends are changing often because this is the industry where it follows the current market. In several decades, we can see many changes of music trend from Glam rock in 80s and then later Grunge and Alternative Rock in late 90s, Electronic in the early 00s. In recent years we see it is hip-hop, RnB, Dubstep, and this year is K-pop and its a natural thing.

Q : Are you interested to be a producer for boyband or girlband project?
A : Haha, simply… I am not interested at all.

Q : Then what do you see about the trend in Electronic Dance Music in Indonesia?
A : Well, if we talk about EDM scene in Indonesia this could be interesting because its unique where Indonesia already have created its EDM own term called ’Fungkot” and “Dangdut Koplo” even though some people think this genre have lack of creativity and not really well-made. But in art term, we should appreciate it. In my opinion, some of Fungkot tracks have produced well although those tracks seem arbitrary. But I am sure this native Indonesian EDM will be like Euro-Dance music.

Q : What do you think about clubbing, nightclub and hedonism lifestyle?
A : For this topic, we need to separate between the process of creativity (music producing) and its party culture, because Electronic music is not absolutely related and identified as party culture, there are alternative electronic music which are produced for different purpose for example: New Age music, Film Scoring, Thematical Music, Electronic Jazz and etcetera. And for party culture in my opinion its personal matter, I myself tend to get into music producing than partying.

Q : How do you see about enjoying an electronic music?
A : Basically, its same like another type of music.

Q : What is your DAW and gear on your production?
A : There are many kinds, but the important thing for me is the DAW itself because we create our work via DAW, and then VSTI because to produce nice sounds we must use capable vsti’s, and the rest for hardware like headphone and good monitor speaker, above average PC to run the DAW. Midi controller is optional, its not necessity in producing in my opinion.

Q : Do you have special trick in producing? Which one, taking course or learn autodidact?
A : I think if there is a chance to follow course, just take it. Because its effective and efficient than learning by yourself, but if you don’t have chance (being busy or cant afford the cost of taking course), learn by yourself because today there are bunch of tutorial and learning material to get, there is a way where there is a will depend on your situation and condition.

Q : Tell us five favorite electronic artist with one of their tracks.?
A : Basshunter - Walk on the water
Armin van Buren - In and out of love
Groove Coverage - Moonlight Shadows (remix)
Cascada - Dangerous
DHT -listen to ur heart (remix)

Q : Do you have suggestions for people who want to get into audio-producing?
A : You have to be earnest, because to be someone who master in a field requires more times and full-dedicated, nobody’s become great in one night.

Q : Last question, what do you think about
A : Just make more tweaks in the look..

Q : Untuk pertanyaan terakhir, apa pendapat anda tentang blog
A : Mungkin menurut ane tampilannya perlu di rubah agar lebih menarik dan terkesan sebagai blog umum yg di tata dengan baik.

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