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Tuesday 30 October 2012

[Project] Secondstep; My 2nd Indie Album

Its almost more 2 month i left and didn't use my midi controller in my room and did travelling for 45 days to look any inspiration for my writing ideas about travelling in Indonesia. Then i made some of tracks to start for making an album for my tunes compilation that I've made 3 months ago when i had free times.

There are 9 track that i made and then i joint them into physical CD and .rar file to distribute it over the Internet. After that ,i designed for its cover that i took from my Indonesian travelling photos circa Juli and August. I named this album with title "Secondstep" which mean that this is my secondstep in exploring digital music. I felt like there is little bit enhancement in doing experimental things with electronic sounds by making various sub genre.

And this is my commentary about the tracks inside.
1. Welcome (Electronic)
A music for heating with Kick+Clap+Hi hat
2. Keep Walking (Experimental)
With Bass sound and swinging synthesiser with additional stomping beat, if you do walking, listen this track :)
3. On the Street (Beat)
This tunes reminded me when i was walking around in the big cities that I've been visited. It was no title because this made before i went travelling. After listening the tracks several times on the street, i gave the the name as On the Street.
4. Rise (Melancholic Instrumental Hiphop)
Perhaps this is the most of my favourite track if i asked what is the most favourite track in this album. By repetitive brass sound and chilling string with the proper tempo for hiphop beat, i add thunder sound effect to be more dramatic.
5. Silence (Ambient)
My first Ambient track, it sounds dark and good for movie scoring when you are looking something in the silence.
6. Space of the time (Chiptune)
I use acoustic sample with chiptune pad, listening this track is like my point for all my 45 days in travelling Bali and Java. As comparison, you can listen This sweet love - James Yuil that inspire me a lot of this track especially on the guitar and synth part.
7. Light Blade (Dubstep)
Nowadays teenagers who previously like post-hardcore, they like "Dubstep" like Skrillex, actually it said that is Brostep. So, i tried to make a Dubstep track, but the sound is not like Skrilly, i use 3 key in the lead by manipulating the sound waveform with my controller knob.
8. Over the beat (Electronic)
Repetitive Lead, 4 line bass, plus Kick and Clap as sample, the point of this track, actually i want to make it instrumental hiphop beat, but it turned to dance music.
9. Another Room (Chill-wave) 
Listen this tune with your earphone, close your eyes, and chill. This track and the title i interpret as my music learning progress that maybe is started from 5x3 meter in my room into the biggest room someday.

Preview as CD
Grab it in the nearest local drug store!
As usual, my purpose to make tunes is for fun and learning, no commercial and for sale, so its absolutely free to download, click here if you are interested:

You can listen it online:

Secondstep by Qoreader
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