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Sunday 7 October 2012

[Thought] Points in Making Addictive Casual Game

For casual gamers on the Internet or PC, playing games mean to be just for fun and time-wasting activity. There are many sub-genres on casual game that bring addictiveness for the gamers successfully. The characteristics of addictive casual games may revolve around in getting high-score without telling  storyline details and sometime they are repetitive such same game play with different theme, you may see games like Block-breaker and Look-and-Find and another puzzle games that always look similar.

 In the casual games, nice graphic and visual can be selling points besides catchy sound effects with particular themes like ancient or future themes despite we may see same game play. High-scores and online leader board feature now can make the gamers to compete in reaching highest score in their game progress.

In the end, not only about how cool the graphics you can see or catchy sound effects, the originality of new game plays with strong character can make the games would be favourited in a long time. We can see the example in Mario and Angry Bros franchise.