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Wednesday 7 November 2012

[Thought] Backpacking Today

Backpacking is notable as the cheapest way in travelling, most of travellers use backpacking way to save more money and makes travelling become more free in exploring new place and meet the people. What is my opinion about backpacking? Lets discuss.

Today, Backpacking is become a lifestyle, not only for people who have limited budget in travelling, many rich people do backpacking a lot.

The purposes of backpacking may different, besides those two main reasons that i mentioned, there are some aspects that travellers look in Backpacking way.

I personally regard backpack is an alternative way to learn new culture and become a survivor in new situation and location. I move my whole room into a bag and bring it into different places. The stuffs i bring are only piece of clothes and a little bit snacks, in backpacking, you are free and get freedom. This is my opinion, what's yours?