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Thursday 7 June 2012

[Thought] WWW - Wild Wild West

There is a place where we can do anything, speak anything, and spread anything. And we call it as WWW; not Word Wide Web, but its Wild Wild West. Is it the rigthest term than the first one, lets discuss about it.

In the WWW, there is a netiquette, its kind of rule when you use Internet, do people really care with netiquette where they can do anything? Its depend on the place and the person. In the formal web where we can speak out our opinion with revealing our identity like blogging and web-forum, we may have many standards how  to be a right person, if you want to get a lot of respects, so you be respectful to another netters first. That's basic rule from netiquette.

Its different cases when you have anonymously way to express your self, some of people can do anything and speak everything that they want, there is no more regulation or standard when you are in anonymous places. Anonimous is proper definition for Wild-Wild-West, as i mentioned in the first paragraph. In anonimous, you dont have to keep yourself being nice or bad, its depend what would you see and read.

In some cases, there are many netters with their obvious identities act like no one care about what they said, and it'll be a big problem if people like that say something wrong oppositely about what most of people has their own standard. 

In internet, everyone could put themselves in wild wild west, do anything. But dont make it obvious, be anonimous.