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Friday 1 June 2012

[Monthly Note] Winning Documentary Film-Making Competition on Campus

This is the first time for me in college getting a trophy in a competition about documentary film-making between faculties that’s held by student excecutive board. We arent in first position or being champion ; but just geting third place position . 

What is unique in this competition is the participants come from three faculties , so if there are many participants , we may lose . Despite the fact that we made the film seem sober, that’s my experience in joining a competition on campus and make a long-movie. 

Ikhlas Beramal Crew
The theme of this competition is “why you have the best faculty in this college?”, so I took the concept by interviewed a few students and ask their opinion on what they see in their campus, also including their honest comments and suggestions about it’s development. 

The process of making this film is done with 3 crew classmates ; I as a director , Nurus as an assistant , and Abun as a cameraman . The shooting took place just a day as well as night for editing. To be honest, I think this movie deserve placed in the third position .