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Wednesday 13 June 2012

How to Make Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Offline

There is another way to make Yu-Gi-Oh card besides using website service as i posted before, you can make your own with a generator software named Yugioh Card Make software. Its simple designed with small size*2mb only, the thing you have to do just insert your picture and then you can edit the attributes for the card info.
This is a little bit tutor how to use this application.

First: Download the software here: *i mirorred into mediafire:

Second: After finishing download the file, extract the winrar file with winzip or 7zip software.

Third: Run the .exe file, click twice to start.

Fourth: Then the menu appear, as you can see, fill the blanks and insert your photo, for suggestion,: make sure your photo must be fit on the layer, not too big or too small.

Menu Option
Fifth: If you done with editing, save the file, there are two options, if you save with .ycm extension this is good if you want to re-edit the card later. And if you want to make it as picture, choose Export as image (ctrl+e).Its automatically will saved into .bmp format

The result , yeaay XD

Sixth: Question? Feel free to ask me.